These are America’s Favorite Disney Villains

Who doesn’t love a good Disney villain? They’re complex, relatable, and send some of the most quotable shade out there. 

And with even more Disney villains making their debut in new Disney films like Frozen 2, it got us at thinking: which Disney villains do Americans obsess over the most
According to our findings, even the wicked are worthy of love.

Here is a brief overview of our findings:
- 10 states chose Scar as the class favorite of all the villains.  
- America’s second-favorite villain (topped in 9 states) is the cold-hearted evil queen, Maleficent, the antagonist in Sleeping Beauty.
- After Scar and Maleficent, Ursula, Hades, and Sher Khan round out the top five most popular villains.  
- Tamatoa, the villainous crab in Moana, is Hawaii’s favorite villain. Did you know that “Tamatoa” is Maori for trophies? Maybe that explains why he hoards so many. 

Here’s a quick rundown
What: A report on “America’s Most Popular Disney Villains.
When/Where: Our report went live on February 17, 2020. View it here.
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