Harry P. Leu Gardens Fully Reopens After Sustaining Some Loss of Trees During Hurricane Ian

Harry P. Leu Gardens Fully Reopens After Sustaining

Some Loss of Trees During Hurricane Ian


ORLANDO, FLORIDA [October, 2022] – Harry P. Leu Gardens fully reopened today after temporarily closing parts of the gardens in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. While events like Movie Night, educational classes and weddings continued as scheduled, staff and volunteers worked tirelessly to clear storm debris from pathways and the grounds so members and visitors could safely return.


Approximately 43 trees of various sizes were lost during Hurricane Ian, along with some plants, throughout the 50-acre expanse. Fortunately, none of the buildings, including the historic Leu House Museum, sustained any structural damage. On Saturday, over 35 volunteers participated in a clean-up event to restore the natural beauty of Leu Gardens. The efforts of dedicated staff, loyal volunteers and the local community are deeply appreciated. 


Harry P. Leu Gardens is a 50-acre botanical oasis with stunning temperate and tropical plants, majestic camellias and a canopy of 300-year-old southern oaks. Situated on Lake Rowena, just minutes from downtown Orlando, the gardens feature over 40 diverse plant collections, Florida’s largest formal rose garden and three miles of walkways for guests to enjoy year-round. Leu Gardens is owned and operated by the City of Orlando.


About Leu Gardens

A 50-acre botanical oasis with over 40 plant collections overlooking Lake Rowena. The lush landscaped grounds are surrounded by trails shaded by 300-year-old oaks and a forest of camelias. At the heart of the gardens is one of central Florida’s most historic estates, Harry and Mary Jane Leu's home. Known as the Leu House Museum, it has been meticulously restored and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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