En axelperez.us apoyamos a las pequeñas empresas y esta ocación nos vamos a la Isla del Encanto...Puerto Rico.

Si la furia de la madre naturaleza este verano te tiene deprimido, toma una malta bien fría y echa un vistazo a Arrecife. Este pequeño negocio puertorriqueño en ascenso tiene todo lo que necesitas para combatir el calor y transportarte instantáneamente a un paraíso tropical.

Arrecife es una fresca y atractiva línea de trajes de baño y accesorios para damas, caballeros y niños  creada en la hermosa Isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico por Camilo Pulido y su esposo, Raúl Vazquez; cada estilo producido humanamente se selecciona cuidadosamente y presenta diseños vibrantes que reflejan las vistas más populares e impresionantes de la Isla del Encanto. Desde el colorido paisaje del Viejo San Juan y La Perla hasta su nueva colección en colaboración con el artista local, SOUSA, no querrá perderse sus creaciones únicas.

Camilo Pulido and Raúl Vazquez

Co-Founders of Arrecife

Camilo Pulido and his husband, Raúl Vazquez, are the co-founders of Arrecife, a Puerto Rican swimwear brand that has rapidly expanded into everyday casuals. Their unique, quality designs reflect the island of enchantment’s iconic vistas and the Caribbean's colorful landmarks. This is a testament to Camilo and Raúl’s dedication to sharing their culture with the world through their products, which has earned them a spot as a household name on the island. With Camilo as the CEO and in charge of all things design and production, and Raúl as the CFO and finance wiz behind the operation, this epic partnership is the spark that started it all and has quickly propelled Arrecife to notoriety within just 5 years. 

The couple met in New York City in 2016. Raúl worked in finance for Goldman Sachs on Wall Street and Camilo, who grew up in Colombia, worked odd jobs throughout the city to earn money to fulfill his dreams, despite having earned his degree in Industrial Engineering. Fast forward to 2018, when Camilo, opted to take the next big step, and made the move to Puerto Rico, where Raúl was born and raised. Inspired by the tropical lifestyle surrounding him, Camilo saw an opportunity to create a local beachwear brand that communicates all the culture and vibrancy that Puerto Rico has to offer.

Arrecife was born on July 25, 2018, with its initial pilot test selling out within the month! The brand earned a coveted spot in the Bravo Family Foundation’s Rising Entrepreneurs Program in 2023, a business acceleration initiative aimed at promoting the growth of emerging high-potential technology and innovation startups with capital, mentorship, and a world-class curriculum. 

With these resources in hand, Camilo and Raúl now boast partnerships throughout the island of Puerto Rico, as well as a commitment to breaking the pattern of exploitative textile factory environments with the creation of their own textile workshop called Industrias Textiles ALKA. 

Learn more on Camilo, Raúl, and Arrecife at https://shoparrecife.com/pages/about-us

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