Univision y Rosetta Stone lanzan un excelente programa de aprendizaje del idioma ingles para la comunidad hispana.

Univision y Rosetta Stone te dan la oportunidad de ganar completamente gratis a traves de su aplicación 12 meses de suscripción de su reconocido curso de ingles, participa hoy enviando un correo a:axelantonioperez@gmail.com concurso, Rosetta Stone y quedarás inscrito...
los ganadores serán escogidos al azar, un ganador por familia, valido hasta agotar existencias.

Univision Communications, la compañía líder de medios que les sirve a los hispanos en los EEUU y la compañía experta de aprendizaje de idiomas, Rosetta Stone, se han juntados para lanzar Univision Aprender con Rosetta Stone, una solución de aprendizaje de idiomas digital, la primera en su clase para aplicaciones móviles, personalizado para los estudiantes hispanos. Al juntarse, Univision y Rosetta Stone esperan mejorar las vidas de las personas y empoderar a los hispanos con las herramientas y los recursos que necesitan para poder obtener un futuro mejor en conseguir el manejo del inglés en cuando y donde lo quieren.  

“Univision Aprender con Rosetta Stone” debuts today

Univision Communications Inc. (UCI), the leading media company serving Hispanic America,  announced it has entered into a new partnership with language education powerhouse Rosetta Stone Inc. (NYSE: RST), a world leader in technology-based learning solutions that has helped millions of people learn a new language for more than 25 years. The two companies have come together to debut Univision Aprender con Rosetta Stone, a new language learning program to help the Hispanic audience gain English-language proficiency. Conversely, those looking to gain proficiency in Spanish will also be able to benefit from the co-branded program. Several subscription options starting as low as $79 for three months of access are available now on www.univisionaprender.com as well as through the Google Play and iOS app stores.

“English language skills are critical to unlocking higher levels of education and career advancement, in addition to navigating basic systems and services from healthcare to education and beyond. With the launch of Univision Aprender con Rosetta Stone, we hope to give our community the tools they need to achieve their goals,” said Rick Alessandri, executive vice president of Enterprise Development, Univision Communications Inc.

“When looking at how best to reach the Hispanic audience in the U.S. and beyond, teaming up with Univision was a natural fit,” said John Hass, President & CEO, Rosetta Stone. “This strategic partnership gives us a new avenue to fulfill our mission of improving people’s lives by empowering the Hispanic audience with our proven language learning programs and giving them access to a better future by gaining English proficiency.”

Univision Aprender con Rosetta Stone is a mobile-first digital language learning solution tailored to Hispanic learners looking to learn English or Spanish. The program includes the immersive curriculum developed by language and education experts at Rosetta Stone, as well as its TruAccent™ speech recognition technology to help learners get speaking accurately right from the very first lesson.  Learners have access to a personalized skills-based learning platform that maximizes engagement for users by providing an enriched experience through proven, flexible and contextual learning, as well as numerous features including Phrasebook, Stories and Audio Companion. Various subscription options are available starting at $79 for a three-month subscription, $119 for a six-month subscription, $179 for a 12-month subscription and $249 for a 24-month subscription at launch.

For more information on Univision Aprender con Rosetta Stone, visit www.univisionaprender.com

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