The Arpa International Film Festival (Arpa IFF) recently announced, Car 24, directed by Matias Desiderio, has been nominated in the “Best Feature Narrative”



Los Angeles, CA - November 14, 2022 - The Arpa International Film Festival (Arpa IFF) recently announced, Car 24, directed by Matias Desiderio, has been nominated in the “Best Feature Narrative” category for the 25th annual Festival. Awards will be announced on Sunday, November 20th at the Beverly Hilton Beverly Hills. This is the first nomination Desiderio receives as a first-time director.
“I’m honored to receive this nomination from the prestigious Arpa International Film Festival. Writing, acting and directing this film was a big challenge and it could not have been possible without the support of my amazing team, especially Salvatore di Costanzo who co-wrote, co-produced and co-starred with me. We are all very grateful for the nomination and for the opportunity to share our film with the public,” said Desiderio.
Matias Desiderio is an Argentinian actor with an extensive career in film and television with more than 30 titles to his credit. He’s been nominated and has won several awards in his country including lead roles in films like Palermo Hollywood (World Cinema - Dramatic, Sundance International Film Festival), El Ultimo Zombie (Official Selection, Sitges Film Festival 2022) and El Hincha, which is currently airing on streaming platform Flow and has broken audience records.

(L to R) Matias Desiderio (Walter), Cody Renee Cameron (Candy), Salvatore di Costanzo (Toto) 

Car 24 tells the story of Toto, a mercenary Sicilian man and Walter a Latino assassin, who are hired by a crime boss to kill a trader. They meet for the first time inside a parked car on a sketchy downtown Los Angeles street awaiting orders from the Boss. The two will endure an endless, suspenseful and confrontational, round the clock stand-by until the target eventually shows up, 24 long hours later. While the Boss will try to keep them focused and disciplined, the hitmen will face each other in an unexpected journey full of emotional challenges, personal matters, egotistical behaviors, violent reactions and professional differences. Walter and Toto will encounter many different characters and situations that will ultimately change the entire direction of their mission, leading them to an unpredictable, unusual and violent ending.
Car 24 counts on a stellar cast to deliver excellent performances throughout the intense 90-minute runtime with standout performances by Matias Desiderio, Salvatore di Costanzo and Lexy Panterra as Angela, Toto’s daughter in the film. Rounding out the cast are Cody Renne CameronTony PanterraCiera FosterTony Tanelli, and Frank TrenadoCar 24 is written by Matias Desiderio and Salvatore Di Costanzo and produced by Desiderio, Di Costanzo, Sergio BrunaTony PanteraTony Tanelli Oliverand Antonio Gullo who also served as Director of Photography. Car 24 is currently available for viewing via Arpa’s virtual screening platform Eventive.
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