CELSIUS's new Sparkling Lemon Lime flavor could be a fit. It's the perfect thing to keep energy levels high as we kick-off 2023!

 CELSIUS Energy Drink’s are the perfect solution to keep your energy levels high, without the added sugar of other energy drink alternatives on the market. CELSIUS’s blend of ginger, guarana, green tea, and 7 essential vitamins, is just what the body needs to easily get through the busy season. Added bonus - the MetaPlus® blend actually helps the body burn extra calories!

With 30 unique flavors to choose from, including the newest delicious addition, Sparkling Lemon Lime, there’s something to suit everyone’s palette. 



Six published university studies have been conducted on CELSIUS by U.S. accredited scientific research facilities rendering strict scientific standards. To ensure consumer confidence, trust, and industry independence, the studies were all presented at scientific conferences and published in peer reviewed publications. Each one of these studies showed that CELSIUS has thermogenic properties.

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