Horror TV series THE DEAD HOUR premieres May 12 - watch the trailer here.


On various digital platforms including TUBI, KINGS OF HORROR and AMAZON

A mysterious late night radio DJ brings her audience a new terrifying tale each night in this episodic horror anthology series.
GENRE:                              Horror/Thriller
RUN TIME:                         12 Episodes (Approx. 17 to 22 min per episode)

RELEASE DATE:               5/12/23 (Worldwide) - TUBI, AMAZON, and more
Terror Films are getting into the horror television business, premiering a new 12-episode horror series titled THE DEAD HOUR on digital platforms in the spring.
Creators Daniel B. Iske & Scott Coleman say classic The Twilight Zone was their key inspiration for the limited series, which premieres May 12 globally.
It’s an anthology series featuring a creepy tale each episode bookended by a twisted radio announcer (Melissa Holder) introducing each episode.
“We created our setup, a delightful yet twisted radio DJ in a dark booth late at night telling her audience creepy tales. We would start each episode with her opening setup monologue and then we’d jump into the story as it plays out on screen. For over a year we would come up with hundreds of short story ideas before finally narrowing it down to the dozen or so that we wanted to do first.
Each episode has a different cast which gave us an opportunity to work with a vast array of talent. Our stories definitely are rooted in our commentary on today’s world and culture. We have our external monsters but also, we delve into the monsters inside us as well.”
Iske and Coleman wrote and directed the low budget horror film Fields of the Deadwhich enjoyed a run-on Redbox and OnDemand before turning their sights to the episodic realm.

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