Adult Entertainment Company Hosting World's Largest 69 in Southern Florida on 6/9

"June 9th is a big day for us at CamSoda and we wanted to go record-breaking or go home,” said Daryn Parker, VP of CamSoda. “We thought this would be a great way to turn the record books upside down and we know so many people would be eager to participate in such a mutually beneficial sex party. Be sure to apply and spread the word!”

To honor one of the great days of our Gregorian calendar, CamSoda - a leading adult entertainment company - is hosting the world’s largest 69 (the sex act where partners will lie in a reverse position and do oral on each other). This upside down extravaganza will be held in the Miami metro area in a location disclosed only to participants and will include 69 lucky people to get in line and go downtown on each other all while making the history books as the greatest group sex act ever recorded. All participants were required to test for STDs and provide proof that they were free of any transmittable infections. 

To cap off this successful record-breaking sex act, CamSoda is hosting a surf and turf cookout for everyone involved in the festivities. Participants will have a wide selection of genitalia shaped foods to munch on such as sausages, clams, wieners, tacos and for dessert, extra large popsicles.

For any of those interested, you can submit a last minute application to  with your reasoning for wanting to participate along with proof you are free to STDs. All those who are selected are required to find their own transport.

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