The Best Canned Summer Cocktail - Freshie!

Summer is in full force, which means people nationwide are chilling on the beach, laying in the sun, and hopefully sipping on a delicious cocktail.

 Freshie, the delicious organic canned tequila seltzer, sold only in Illinois, Atlanta, Florida, and Georgia, on your radar to consider for any stories you might be working on - it’s the hottest new tequila cocktail that you’ll want to be sipping on this summer. 


Freshie is made the same way that one of the founders, Ryne Iseminger, made the first one back in 2016, utilizing only four organic ingredients - Blanco tequila, sparkling water, lime, and agave nectar. The refreshing canned cocktail is the first USDA-certified tequila seltzer on the market, has only 99 calories, and is offered in three delicious flavors: LimeGrapefruit Guavaand Blood Orange Habanero.  

Freshie, delicious and totally refreshing.

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