Kleansweets, the new desserts that are the hit of every Miami party

Those gorgeous cakes and tarts that you're seeing at events all over Miami-Dade and Broward? They're from Kleansweets, the Miami-based dessert delivery service that's taking South Florida by storm.

 Snickers Cake 
Produced by Chef Marina Arsenicheva, Kleansweets desserts are conversation-starting pieces of art that bring a wow factor to any dessert table. And they are as yummy as they are beautiful. (The Kleansweets "Snickers Cakes" simulates the taste and mouthfeel of biting into a Snickers bar!) But perhaps the most unique thing about Marina's desserts is that they are 100% RAW! Believe it. Every cake, tart, candy bar and pie is unbaked, unprocessed and 100% plant-based. Available for delivery anywhere in Miami-Dade or Broward counties, guilt-free Kleansweets deserts are made entirely with nuts and fresh fruits and sweetened with dates

Pistachio and Raspberry Flower Power Cake

Marina Arsenicheva  

KLEANSWEETS, is a Miami based business that develops and handcrafts premium organic products and treats. We are dedicated to making the most extraordinary products that create moments of pure joy for people, whilst fostering a healthier life and a more sustainable world.
KLEANSWEETS was born from simple and wholesome values in health and wellness. Our products are packed with delicious, nutritious goodness to ensure every bite is just as rewarding as the last – providing the perfect, guilt-free snack.
Kleansweet was founded by Marina Arsenicheva, a plant based chef and artist.

After travelling the world and studying plant based cuisine, she worked for a brief time in a corporate role in the city where she struggled to see how that work was making a meaningful difference in the world, and also struggled with finding any healthy, sustainable and delicious organic dessert options readily available and accessible. There seemed to be this misperception that healthy meant boring, and that there was a disconnection with where our food comes from and the impact our choices have on our health and the health of the planet. She thought that there needed to be options available to people that prove healthy can be delicious, that our choices can be great for our health, great for our taste buds and great for the planet. And that also enable people to connect with the stories of the farmers and growers behind the food we eat. Filled with inspiration and a desire to make a difference, she turned down a career in the corporate world to found Kleansweets with the goal of making healthy, sustainable and delicious organic desserts available and accessible to everyone.

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