Orlando, FL, February, 2024 - The Florida Puerto Rican Parade, Inc. (FLPRP) is pleased to announce that the Puerto Rican Parade and Festival will be held on Saturday, April 27, 2024, in downtown Orlando and will be dedicated to the autonomous Municipality of Juncos, founded in 1797 and located in the eastern central region of Puerto Rico known as “La Ciudad del Valenciano."

Juncos was selected because of its rich, diverse and exciting history that continues to shape and influence the area today. Its cultural heritage, military history and contributions to education and industry make Juncos a unique municipality to highlight. It is home to the Modesto Carrion International Half Marathon and 10K that historically attracted runners from around the world and home to “Los Mulos del Valenciano” one of the premier Double A Baseball Team.

In addition, the parade's theme is “Civic Engagement and Responsibilities,” which encourages our community to get involved in local and national elections, give back to the community through volunteerism in nonprofit organizations, participate in government politics, and hold leadership positions in government. The theme helps FLPRP to also deliver a strong message to our residents about our collective duty to obey the laws, pay taxes, serve on juries or as court witnesses, exercise the right to vote and serve on statutory boards and committees.

“We are proud the Puerto Rican Parade continues to offer the community a vehicle to celebrate our Puerto Rican self-esteem, culture, music, art, food, and entertainment,” said the parade chairperson Ralph Morales. “Thanks to our partners, sponsors and community, the parade committee will recognize individuals who have excelled in civic engagement and responsibilities while safeguarding and supporting our great people's culture, heritage, and values.”

For more information about the parade, festival and related activities, please visit https://floridapuertoricanparade.org.

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