The global premiere: 'Putin' - an English-language feature film that will shock the world


Patryk Vega, one of Poland's most renowned film directors, set up a screen in Borodyanka, near Kyiv, on which he projected sections of a biopic movie hitting out at Vladimir Putin. The broadcast of this event was watched by Ukrainian viewers, experiencing intense emotions.

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The director placed a screen in Borodyanka, amid the war-damaged blocks. "In front of it, we positioned hundreds of mannequins, representing war victims. Projected scene shows Putin in a vulnerable state, wearing a diaper in a hospital. A general visits him, briefing him on the situation in Russia and Ukraine," explained Patryk Vega.

The broadcast from the Borodyanka was displayed in Kyiv's most recognizable locations, such as Maidan. The film was also shown to veterans in Irpin and soldiers fighting on the Kyiv Front. Ukrainian heroes like Vladyslav Zhaivoronok, who defended Azovstal, also watched it. "These people allowed us into their lives for a moment, sharing their most intimate experiences from the brutal war. I'm presenting this film to journalists because I believe the whole world needs to hear about it," said Vega.


The controversial material targeting the President of the Russian Federation is a part of the feature film "Putin," an English-language biography of the Russian dictator.


"Our film portrays Putin's life, starting at the age of 10 when he was maltreated by his stepfather, through the Chechen war, terrorist attacks in Dubrovka and Beslan, to the war in Ukraine and events like Bucha," Vega explained.


The film's creators utilized deep fake technology to superimpose Putin's face onto an actor. "This was challenging because we couldn't bring Putin to the studio. It took us a year to develop our own technology and achieve the desired effect," said Vega.


Putin' provides Western audiences with a key to understanding the dictator's disturbed psyche. The production's trailer was showcased during the American Film Market and garnered interest from international distributors. "The Hollywood Reporter" described it as one of the important upcoming premieres.


"For Putin, Ukraine is just a battleground with the West. Russians believe they are saving people of Russian origin from Ukrainian territory, which they consider a quasi-state. My film is an appeal for the mobilization of the West because the only path for all of us is to collectively defeat Putin in this war," Vega concluded.

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