Happy Rosh Hashanah From #PJLibrary

Rosh Hashanah (or The Jewish New Year) – one of Judaism’s most important holidays - is this weekend, and for anyone who is celebrating this year, or is just looking to learn more about Jewish traditions, I’ve pulled together some crafts and a fun recipe to help you and your family bring the holiday into your home!


PJ Library (pjlibrary.org) - a nearly 18-year-old non-profit that sends out more than 670,000 free Jewish children’s books to families in over 35 countries every month; 280,000 of those are to families across America and Canada. If you’re familiar with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, PJ Library is the next largest free book program in the world!


PJ Library has created some fun activities for you and your readers, from making your own shofar, to a delicious baked apple dessert, and apple stamped cards! In honor of this holiday – and wishing everyone a sweet new year.


To Download Printables: 

HH-ActivitySheet-1.pdf (dropbox.com)

HH-ActivitySheet-2.pdf (dropbox.com)

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For those who want to bring Judaism into their homes, please also check out www.PJLibrary.org and sign up for your free monthly subscription for all children 0-12 in your household. I believe my dear readers and followers would love to be included in this free program, and it not only will encourage reading, it will also teach first introductions to Jewish values and culture, and inspire families to create new traditions in their homes.

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