**Psychedelics Move One Step Closer As Plant Based Medicine In California**

California Legislature Passes Bill That Loosens Restrictions On Psychedelics


California could be the latest state to join Oregon and Colorado in changing the status of certain psychedelics. Legislation passed through the state congress in California last Thursday, and if approved by the Governor, it would decriminalize several substances. These include psilocybin, DMT, and mescaline. Magic mushrooms recently have been receiving praise for the research showing they can help with eating disorders, anxiety, depression, addiction, and veterans with PTSD. 


Further north, Rob Grover and Gary Logan are the founders of The Journeymen Collective, the company creating luxury guided magic mushroom retreats in the mountains outside of Vancouver. Since 2018, they’ve hosted everyone from performers and athletes to entrepreneurs, CEOs, couples and groups invested in the highest level of personal development and self-discovery. They feel magic mushrooms are a sacred part of nature and believe that when facilitated in a professional setting they can help us with our mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. 


The pair have a combined 50+ years of education in spiritual and metaphysical training, executive level mindset coaching, energetic healing modalities, Alexander Technique lessons, and provide support embodying and integrating the transformational retreat. Visitors are immersed in an extraordinary personalized experience that often results in accelerating attendees' success and their intentions to create a conscious impact on the world. 


Rob and Gary have worked with the healing power of psilocybin for over 5 years now and been trusted to guide the journeys of hundreds of people. They can give insight on:


  • Why they only use mushrooms for their retreats and misconceptions with it
  • Psilocybin and how it can be the ultimate reset for a lifetime of burnout/stress
  • Utilizing mushrooms with integrity and the intention for development/self-growth
  • Psychedelics removing mental blocks in our personal and professional lives
  • How guided psilocybin use can clear out old energy & trauma holding us back
  • Understanding the work involved to prepare before and iafter the journey


Featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, Condé Nast Traveler, Marie Claire, FOX Business, and TZR, Rob & Gary are having a profound effect on the individuals enrolling in their retreats.


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