California's Forgotten Children | "An important documentary to watch"

 California's Forgotten Children. 

Directed by Melody C. Miller, the film illuminates the devastating issue of present-day child sex trafficking in California. Drawing on the stories of survivors, law enforcement personnel, and advocates, California's Forgotten Children outlines how human trafficking is a widespread issue and how everyone can help to put an end to it.

"'California's Forgotten Children' has had a strong, positive impact on high school students through its use for outreach and prevention training. Students related to the survivors featured in the film due to their diverse backgrounds, races and socioeconomic statuses."  Gameelah Mohamed, Anti-Human Trafficking Outreach Specialist, Law Enforcement Based, Valley Crisis Center, Merced Police Dept.

California's Forgotten Children has been showcased at the United States SenateUnited State of Women Summit, Facebook Headquarters (California, Texas, and Dublin, Ireland to train an international staff in protecting at-risk people from real-world harm), and has won the Best Documentary Award at the Public Media Awards

Most importantly, California’s Forgotten Children has become a movement. Fueled by powerful stories and a desire to foster change alongside a rapidly growing list of partners around the globe, CFC is reaching thousands of people internationally.

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