Celebrating Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day? HALFDAY has Your Drink of Choice

Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your significant other or Galentine’s Day with your girl squad, HALFDAY has the perfect better-for-you drink options to make delicious cocktails and mocktails. HALFDAY Iced Tea is a healthy, low-calorie, and gut-healthy prebiotic beverage that tastes like a good time. February is the month of love so choose a drink option that will make your body LOVE you!

Each can contains four to six grams of net carbs and 35-40 calories, making HALFDAY the perfect choice for yummy cocktails and mocktails to serve at either your “Love Sucks” party or “I Love You” dinner. Whip up HALFDAY’s Cranberry Spritz which has all the flavor and none of the guilt! 

HALFDAY’s Cranberry Spritz: Grab a shaker with ice, add 3 oz cranberry juice, 2 oz orange juice, and a hefty pour of HALFDAY Cranberry. Shake well, then pour half into a glass with ice. Fill the remaining half of the glass with sparkling water, then garnish with cranberries and edible glitter. Please view the images of the recipe here

Health is wealth this year and drinking will still be fun when sipping on something that you know is good for your body. Get a 12-pack of your favorite flavor or a variety pack of all four delicious flavors at www.https://drinkhalfday.com/ for $35.99. HALFDAY is also available nationally at Target, Whole Foods, Publix, Wegmans, Stop & Shop, and other local retailers. To learn more, please visit drinkhalfday.com

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