The Republic, una atraccion como ninguna otra abrira muy pronto en Orlando, FL

 Mis amigos,con mucho gusto les comparto la noticia sobre otra atraccion que esta por abrir muy pronto en la ciudad de Orlando y que se,sera del gusto y curiosidad de todos ya que es algo totalmente diferente se trata de, una experiencia de teatro inmersivo que para el mes de Mayo estara abierto al publico y la cual contara con actuacion teatral, elementos de video juegos, efectos especiales, suspenso y mucho mas...esta atraccion ha sido diseñada por mentes expertas de reconocidas y grandes atracciones...The Republic espera estar lista y abierta al publico en tan solo un par de meses.
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The Republic Immersive Theater Experience to Debut in Orlando, Launches Kickstarter
The Republic today announces a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign to bring an entirely unique theatrical experience to Orlando.  Launching with the Orlando Fringe Festival in May 2015, The Republic will immerse guests - called players - in a fully designed, interactive world inhabited by intriguing characters.  Players will take on an important role in this conflicted society with their actions dictating how the rich story ends.
Created by top theme park attraction designers as well as experienced writers, artists, musicians, engineers, actors, and more, this high energy, up-close performance will truly be unlike anything Orlando has seen.

Backers of The Republic's Kickstarter project will receive exclusive rewards including unlimited access to the experience, behind-the-scenes tours with designers, and plenty of collectible takeaways.
Inspired by Greek mythology, Fritz Lang's "Metropolis," and Plato's literary work, the story of The Republic experience places players inside a society ripe for revolution, where citizens are born into social status but band together to overthrow an overbearing government while risking banishment to the Labyrinth.

Breaking the traditional stage-audience boundary, The Republic is an immersive theater experience that surrounds viewers with the performance, allowing audience members to move under their own free will, engaging directly with performers, sets, props, and other interactive features throughout.

"I want to empower people to not just sit back and be a passive audience member, but get out of their seats and explore, learn, react, and respond," explained The Republic creator Sarah Elger.  "I like getting people out of their comfort zone to push them as a person and test themselves in a risk-free environment so that they can see their own potential."
The Republic is being created by a group of likeminded professionals who share the common goal of pushing the world of entertainment forward.  Elger has assembled a team of theme park attractions designers, artists, writers, engineers, and musicians to make her vision of this exciting new kind of experience a reality.

"The Republic has an incredible and dynamic team from a wide range of disciplines that is really helping me to push this project further than I could have ever imagined," said Elger. "I'm in awe of their creativity and openness to explore all possibilities within this elaborate world we're creating."

Production is already underway on The Republic, well into design and rehearsal phases.  Kickstarter funds will assist in paying for the 18,000 square-foot warehouse space in downtown Orlando, lumber and building materials, sound and lighting equipment, special effects, makeup, costumes, actors, musical score development, and many other costs.

"With help from Kickstarter contributions, we will be able to grow this production into an exciting experience you cannot even imagine," added Elger.

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