SeaWorld Orlando Welcomes Guy Harvey November 6-7

SeaWorld Orlando Welcomes Guy Harvey November 6-7



SeaWorld Orlando welcomes back Guy Harvey, renowned artist and conservationist, November 6-7

SeaWorld and renowned conservationist Guy Harvey launched a partnership in 2018, focused on ocean health and the plight of sharks in the wild. Together, they work to raise awareness of these important issues, and collaborate on science and research to increase understanding of how to better protect these critical predators and their habitats.  As part of the partnership, Guy Harvey also commissioned an array of exclusive paintings and apparel, which are available only at SeaWorld. A portion of the proceed are donated directly to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.


Guy Harvey Weekend takes place November 6-7, 2021

Details: Guy Harvey is a unique blend of artist, scientist, diver, angler, conservationist, and explorer. He is fiercely devoted to his family and his love of the sea. Guests are invited to join him for meet-and-greets, autographs, and photo opportunities November 6-7 within SeaWorld’s Guy Harvey Store located in the park’s Waterfront.

Dining Experiences:

Evening with Guy Harvey Prix Fixe Dinner at Sharks Underwater Grill:  

Guests who want additional experiences can enjoy a signature prix fixe dinner at Sharks Underwater Grill hosted by Guy Harvey, renowned artist and conservationist on Saturday, November 6.  The dinner purchase includes a copy of a free Guy Harvey print, a meet & greet before dinner and a presentation by Guy Harvey.

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Shout! Studios Presenta CASTLE FALLS En Cines, Bajo Demanda y en Digital el 3 Diciembre de 2021


CASTLE FALLS, protagonizada por Scott Adkins y Dolph Lundgren.

Dirigido por Dolph Lundgren, este tenso thriller de acción está programado para su lanzamiento el 3 de diciembre.

Tras décadas abandonado, el Castle Heights Hospital es un símbolo del pasado segregacionista de la ciudad que está lleno de dinamita y listo para ser demolido. Nadie sabe que el líder de una pandilla ––que ahora se encuentra en prisión–– había escondido en su interior 3 millones de dólares en efectivo que le había robado a sus rivales. Ahora, tres bandos quieren desesperadamente el dinero –un obrero y exluchador (Adkins) que se lo encuentra trabajando junto el equipo de demoliciones, un guarda de una prisión (Lundgren) dispuesto a cualquier cosa para pagar el tratamiento contra el cáncer de su hija y una pandilla sin escrúpulos que alega ser la propietaria del dinero. Con la dinamita ya colocada y el edificio evacuado, todo está listo para que el Castle se venga abajo en 90 minutos. El tiempo se acaba. ¿Quién encontrará el dinero en efectivo? y ¿saldrán con vida?


En Cines, Bajo Demanda y en Digital: 3 Diciembre de 2021



Acción, Thriller


90 minutos


Sin Clasificar

Autumn is for Old Amsterdam®: Gouda for Football, Fall Festivals, and Fabulous Entertaining!


Autumn is for Old Amsterdam®: Gouda for Football, Fall Festivals, and Fabulous Entertaining!


 Gouda is the cheese of fall, and no one does Gouda better than Old Amsterdam®. Whether you’re preparing for a fall filled with tailgates, back-to-school lunches, or other fall gatherings, Old Amsterdam Cheese is the answer to all your autumn taste buds.  


Truly the most versatile cheese on the market, Old Amsterdam offers their Classic Aged Gouda and Old Amsterdam Goat Gouda. Old Amsterdam Cheese is a top leader in the Branded Aged Gouda Market in Holland, as Gouda cheese continues to grow in the US and worldwide. Both Gouda and Goat cheeses have risen in popularity among specialty cheeses over the past year. Old Amsterdam lends its name to some of the best Gouda and Goat Gouda cheeses on the market. Premium and specialty cheeses continue to perform well with more people eating and entertaining at home, as many Americans have expanded beyond traditional favorites to full-flavored specialty products, for which Old Amsterdam is well-known. 

The line-up includes:


·        Old Amsterdam Aged Gouda known as The Classic. This is the #1 Aged Gouda in Holland.  The Classic Gouda is aged for a minimum of 8 months creating a perfect balance between sweet and savory.  It has rich butterscotch undertones and a dense, smooth texture sparked with fine ripening crystals. This popular and well-loved favorite from Holland has won numerous awards and is loved internationally. It is ideal for cheese platters, recipes, and other pairings such as almonds, jam, fruit chutney, fruits, raisin nut bread, and crackers. The Classic also pairs well with a favorite wine, beer, or cocktail.  

·        Old Amsterdam Goat Gouda has been voted the #1 Hard Goat’s Milk cheese in the world.  The Goat Gouda is aged for a minimum of 8 months and has a very surprisingly and pleasant flavor profile:  refreshingly sweet with caramel undertones and a smooth, creamy texture with fine ripening crystals.  The sweetness and texture make this great to top on salads, with sandwiches, and in many popular recipes. It pairs well on a platter with hazelnuts, figs, fruits, and your favorite IPA. 


Both flavors are great for eating straight from the pack, adding to sandwiches or salads, or melting on top of your favorite fall dishes. With deep, rich, and nutty flavors, Old Amsterdam is perfect for cooking the best autumn meals, and is sure to leave your hearts, souls, and stomachs warm and cozy. As the fall air crisps, there isn’t anything quite like sitting around the dining table with family and friends, sharing memories while savoring every last bite of Old Amsterdam’s finest featuring the Classic and Goat Goudas. Old Amsterdam also goes splendidly alongside the favorite flavors of fall—think apple, pumpkin, and spices galore– thus making its Gouda and Goat varieties the ideal addition to any Fall Harvest Cheese Board or Grazing Platter.


Old Amsterdam can be purchased through e-commerce at and at such retailers as King’s, Raley’s, ShopRite, Albertsons, Trader Joes, Gelson’s, HEB, Hy-Vee, Lunds & Byerlys, Mariano’s, Pavilions, Safeway, Sprouts.


Here are a couple delicious recipes featuring Old Amsterdam cheeses to get your autumn off to an amazing start!

 Old Amsterdam Tall Sandwich


This delicious sandwich is easy to prepare and a feast for the eyes!


5 minutes - 2 persons - Lunch



• 4 slices of Old Amsterdam Classic

• 1 sweet apple cut into slices

• 1 head California endive

• 4 slices of buckwheat walnut bread, or bread of choice

• 2 tsp Dijon mustard

• 1 handful of arugula


1. Cut the endive in half lengthwise, cut the bitter, hard part from the bottom and cut the leaves into strips.

2. Spread the slices of bread with a thin layer of Dijon mustard and place the arugula and endive on top.

3. Divide some slices of apple on top and then cover with slices of Old Amsterdam Classic.

4. Then finish the sandwich with a slice of bread and enjoy!

Pro Tip:

Also very tasty: Drizzle the arugula and endive lightly with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


Old Amsterdam Fall Grazing Board



  • All your favorite Old Amsterdam cheeses, cut and sliced as you wish
  • Charcuterie (e.g., prosciutto, salami, chorizo), if desired
  • Fruits (e.g., berries, oranges, grapes)
  • Vegetables (e.g., carrots, celery, radishes, cherry tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers)
  • Nuts (e.g., almonds, cashews, pecans, pistachios, hazelnuts)
  • Crackers, breads, and/or crunchies (e.g., popcorn, baked chickpeas, pretzels)
  • Condiments (e.g., specialty mustards, honey, jams, preserves)



Arrange your grazing platter by spreading items around grazing board and enjoy!


For more great recipes, including the Old Amsterdam Burger, Rustic Toastie Sandwich, Salads, Tortilla Wraps, Cheeseboards, and more, please contact


About Old Amsterdam Cheese

Old Amsterdam is a premium Gouda brand with a character all its own. Its Gouda assortment offers unique, rich flavors and enticing, creamy, or smooth textures with ripening crystals in the aged varieties. The products are the result of authentic family recipes and a tireless passion for great cheese. Old Amsterdam is a brand of the family-owned Westland Cheese Company and it is distributed in North America by Norseland, Inc.


About Westland Cheese Company

The Westland Cheese Company is a family business that originates from the early 20th century (1936) and is located in Huizen (Holland). Westland is 100 % family-owned, and led by Mrs. Henny Westland, with its third-generation management currently handling the business. Old Amsterdam Cheese is the flagship brand & product and currently exported to more than 65 countries around the world.


Westland also includes sustainability efforts to lower its carbon footprint. The company will be 100 years old in 2036, and its goal is to serve at least 100 million people sustainable, climate-neutral cheese by that year. Steps include decreasing the amount of plastic used and incorporating recyclable packaging, using green-based electricity, and buying only from sustainable dairy chains. The members of these dairy chains participate in the program, Cow Compass, a management system on animal health and welfare for companies producing milk and making dairy products. Extra food products are delivered to food banks and the company supports several social goals with financial support and volunteering. Westland also launched a joint venture with Those Vegan Cowboys to introduce a plant-based vegan cheese


About Norseland, Inc.

Norseland, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of TINA SA, a cooperative of more than 11,000 dairy farmers in Norway. They are best known as the importer, sales, marketing, and distribution agent for the iconic Jarlsberg cheese, but the family of brands is very diverse, including the top specialty brands that span Europe and that combine traditional recipes, passed down through family generations, with modern cheese making techniques. 

VANDAL (1091 PICTURES) estará disponible para la compra, o alquiler, a partir del 16 de noviembre

VANDAL (1091 PICTURES) estará disponible para la compra, o alquiler, a partir del 16 de noviembre 


Ambientada en Miami, VANDAL sigue la estela de Nick Cruz, un artista de grafiti cubano-americano también conocido como “Damage” y líder de la infame banda de grafiteros MGK.

Nick, también conocido como “Damage”, es un artista de grafiti extremadamente talentoso que recorre las calles de Miami con sus amigos con un único objetivo en mente: el vandalismo. En una apacible noche de Miami, su mentor, “Pharo”, el fundador de MGK, se quita la vida, desatando una ola de shock en la comunidad grafitera. La situación desborda emocionalmente a Nick.


Mientras tanto, Nick inicia un romance con “Silk” ––la cual pertenece a una banda rival de toda la vida––, y esto reactiva las antiguas tensiones entre ambos bandos. “Sizmik”, el líder de la banda rival, profana el mural conmemorativo de Pharo, lo que hace que Nick se embarque en una peligrosa guerra callejera cuyo objetivo es la venganza. Con el Departamento Antipandillas de la Policía siguiéndoles la pista, los MGKs continúan su matanza grafitera nocturna por las calles de Miami mientras, una noche, Sizmik observa a los MGKs haciendo una pintura en una azotea. Devastado y pisoteado, hace lo impensable: Llama al 911 y denuncia el vandalismo a la policía. Los acontecimientos que se desencadenarán enviarán a la banda entera por una espiral caótica de hechos que los cambiará para siempre y que harán que Nick cuestione por qué ha dedicado su vida al vandalismo.

Título de la Película



José Daniel Freixas


José Daniel Freixas, Tony González


Paul Taegel, José Daniel Freixas, Derek Mether, Andrew Bozalis


Daniel Zovatto, Otmara Marrero, Beau Knapp, Juan PabloRaba, Richard Schiff, Frankie J. Álvarez, Dax Rudnak, RalphRodríguez, Angeline Appel, Manolo González-Vergara, Verónica Gessa



Derechos de Autor

2021 Vandal Film, LLC

Idioma del Audio

95% Inglés, 5% Español

País de Origen


Resolución (HD o UHD)



Género Primario


Género Secundario


Maker Faire Orlando Returns Nov. 13-14 Inbox



A family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness 


ORLANDO, Fla. (Oct. 2021) – Maker Faire Orlando is a non-profit, community-organized, celebration featuring local do-it-yourself science, art, rockets, robots, crafts, technology, music and hands-on activities. The family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness returns on Nov. 13-14, 2021 where people show what they are making and share what they are learning at the 9th annual event to be held at the Central Florida Fairgrounds.  

ndividuals behind the exhibits are known as ‘Makers’ and range from tech enthusiasts to crafters and scientists to garage tinkerers of all ages and backgrounds. The two-day event is expected to draw 15,000 attendees and includes 300 exhibits, Power Racing, Combat Robots, Nerdy Derby, and much more on display throughout three air-conditioned exhibit halls, as well as green spaces filled with hands-on activities, workshops and competitions. 


Maker Faire Orlando 

  • Saturday, Nov. 13 and Sunday, Nov. 14 
  • 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (both days) 
  • Central Florida Fairgrounds (4603 W Colonial Dr., Orlando, FL 32808) 
  • FREE on-site parking 
  • A variety of food choices are available for purchase. 
  • For more information and tickets: 
  • Follow on Facebook, or signup for the mailing list for the most up to date information. 

PreSale Tickets On Sale Through Nov. 12 

Order tickets online (nominal fee applies): 

  • One Day Tickets: Presale Youth and Student $15, Adult $20 
  • Two Day Tickets: Presale Youth and Student $25, Adult $35 
  • Tickets are available at the gate Nov. 13 and Nov. 14 
  • First responders, active military and Veterans receive free admission to Maker Faire Orlando with identification. Employees of schools, colleges, universities, homeschool educators and libraries also receive free admission to Maker Faire Orlando with identification. 


Exhibits & Hands-on Workshops 

From engineers to artists to scientists to crafters, Makers showcase hobbies, experiments and projects. Immerse yourself in Maker culture with exhibits, a performance stage, big art and spectacle. Experience hands-on learning by people who make, play, tinker and hack to include robotics, cosplay, STEM & STEAM, crafts, science, electronics, tools and crazy things you’ve never seen!  


Robot Ruckus 

Robot Ruckus is back for 2021 and is included with Maker Faire Orlando tickets.  See your favorite robot builders from TV having fun destroying each other's toys with more than 20 teams from the BattleBots show on the Discovery Channel and Discovery+. For more information visit 


Power Racing 

Power Racing is a fun-filled racing experience where makers construct their own machines to go racing.  Racers can spend up to $500 on a racer that looks like a children’s ride or toy. 


About Maker Faire Orlando 

Maker Faire Orlando is a non-profit, community-organized, family-friendly celebration featuring local do-it-yourself science, art, rockets, robots, crafts, technology, music and hands-on activities. Maker Faire Orlando is produced by The Maker Effect Foundation and funded in part by Orange County Government through the Arts & Cultural Affairs Program. Ticket proceeds benefit The Maker Effect Foundation, a 501(c)(3) educational charity located in Orlando, Fla.  


Maker Faire originated in 2006 in the San Francisco Bay Area as a project of the editors of Make: magazine. It has since grown into a significant worldwide network of independently-produced events. Maker Faire Orlando is independently organized and operated under license from Make: Community, LLC. This project is funded in part by Orange County Government through the Arts & Cultural Affairs Program. 


Maker Faire Orlando continues to work with local health officials to follow current COVID guidelines with respect to the safety of our staff, exhibitors, and attendees. 


Dashcam, written and directed by Christian Nilsson, is available On Digital October 19


Inspired by Antonioni's Blow-Up, Brian De Palma’s Blow Out, and Francis Ford Coppola’s The Conversation, Dashcam is a stunning psychological thriller that follows Jake (Eric Tabach, “Blue Bloods”)—a timid video editor at a local news channel who fantasizes about becoming a reporter. 
While editing a piece on a routine traffic stop that resulted in the death of a police officer and a major political official (Larry Fessenden, Dementer, Jakob’s Wife), Jake is inadvertently sent dashcam video evidence that tells a completely different story. Working alone from his small apartment in NYC, Jake uses his skills as an editor to analyze the footage and piece together the truth behind what actually happened. Has Jake uncovered a conspiracy that he can break on the morning news? Or is he seeing things that aren’t really there?
Also starring Zachary Booth (“The Good Fight”), Scott Aiello (“Billions”), Noa Fisher (Uncut Gems) and Giullian Yao Gioiello (“Scream : The TV Series”).

Dashcam, written and directed by Christian Nilsson, is available On Digital October 19 from Kamikaze Dogfight and Gravitas Ventures.


DISNEY + LANZARÁ LOS DOS PRIMEROS EPISODIOS DE "HAWKEYE" DE MARVEL STUDIOS EL 24 DE NOVIEMBRE El nuevo anuncio de 60 segundos ofrece a los fanáticos un vistazo al evento de seis episodios lleno de acción.

Disney + reveló sus planes hoy para lanzar los dos primeros episodios de "Hawkeye" de Marvel Studios cuando el esperado evento de seis episodios se estrene exclusivamente en el transmisor el 24 de noviembre. 

Los episodios posteriores se lanzarán cada semana el miércoles. Echa un vistazo a un nuevo anuncio de 60 segundos que ofrece a los fanáticos un vistazo de Clint Barton y su compañera arquera Kate Bishop en acción. "Hawkeye" de Marvel Studios es una nueva serie original ambientada en la ciudad de Nueva York posterior a la crisis, donde el ex Avenger Clint Barton alias Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) tiene una misión aparentemente simple: volver con su familia en Navidad. 

Pero cuando aparece una amenaza de su pasado, Hawkeye se une a regañadientes con Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), una hábil arquera de 22 años y su mayor fan, para desentrañar una conspiración criminal. La serie también presenta a Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, Tony Dalton, Zahn McClarnon, Brian d'Arcy James y la recién llegada Alaqua Cox como Maya Lopez. 

Dirigida por Rhys Thomas y el dúo de directores Bert y Bertie, "Hawkeye" debuta exclusivamente en Disney + el 24 de noviembre de 2021.

Aquatica Orlando Plunges into 2022 with Park-Wide Enhancements

Aquatica Orlando Plunges into 2022 with Park-Wide Enhancements

An all-new waterslide, new dining locations, more space to relax, for USA’s number one waterpark making the park even better and wetter in 2022!

Aquatica Orlando, voted the No. 1 waterpark in the country by USA Today’s 10Best Reader’s Poll, is plunging into 2022 with a brand new waterslide, Reef Plunge!  

Introducing Reef Plunge, Aquatica’s all new water slide! Guests will slide through eye-catching translucent cutouts and rings, and twist and turn though over 330 feet of fiberglass, zooming past a vibrant array of marine life in the new dynamic habitat. Commerson’s dolphins, leopard sharks, sardines, and a variety of other cold-water fish will call Reef Plunge home.  Guests will dive into the fun of Reef Plunge launching Spring of 2022.


“2022 is going to be an exciting year for Aquatica Orlando.  Aquatica was voted the number one waterpark in the USA because guests love our year-round operations, one-of-a-kind attractions and laid-back beach vibe.” Said Park President Kyle Miller, “We are thrilled to announce that the country’s best waterpark is adding new enhancements for an even greater guest experience and we cannot wait to unveil Reef Plunge next spring.”

In addition to the new slide, Enhancements to the park include the addition of over 1,000 loungers and beach chairs with increased shade for comfort and two food and beverage additions: a quick-service pizza place and a brand-new beach bar in addition to upgrades to the popular Banana Beach Cookout. Multiple attractions will also receive upgrades, including enhancements to several water slides.


THE BEST WAY TO PLAY – Buy a 2022 Fun Card and get the rest of the 2021 FREE! 

Limited-Time Offer: One of the best ways to splash and play is with an Aquatica Orlando 2022 Fun Card. For a limited-time, guests who purchase an Aquatica Orlando 2022 Fun Card receive park admission to visit NOW through the end of 2021 for FREE, along with admission through December 31, 2022 for one low price! Guests can add a SeaWorld Orlando 2022 Fun Card and visit both parks now through the end of 2022 and also experience the all-new Ice Breaker opening at SeaWorld Orlando next February. For more information, visit AquaticaOrlando.comHurry, before price go up!


Get the latest updates on Reef Plunge by following Aquatica on Facebook and Instagram or by visiting