Steinmetz Hall Recognized as one of The 11 Most Beautiful Theaters in the World


Es un gran placer y orgullo compartir con ustedes esta gran noticia, a la vez me uno a la celebración felicitando a todos y cada uno de los que allí laboran brindando lo mejor de si, comenzando con su Presidenta y CEO Kathy Ramsberger.

Que continuen los exitos y muchas felicidades.

Hi Axel, 

This morning we were thrilled to be recognized by Architectural Digest, in a feature distinguishing Steinmetz Hall as one of the 11 most beautiful theaters in the world. From concert halls to opera houses to theaters, each was selected as a model of unique design, creative innovation and remarkable appearance. Steinmetz Hall was highlighted as one of the world’s most acoustically-advanced theaters and praised for its multiform capabilities to transform shape, seating and sound to accommodate multiple types of performances.

Out of the 11 theaters, three are located within the United States. The additional eight are in Spain, Mexico, France, China, India, Australia, Italy and Austria. It’s an honor to earn a place among such a stellar roster.

To be recognized among these world-renowned theaters was a goal of ours starting in 2003. The perseverance and commitment by our board of directors, colleagues, donors, design and construction teams, partners, volunteers and guests to create Steinmetz Hall was an incredible achievement and we’re thrilled to be acknowledged by such an authority in the design field. You can read the entire article here: The 11 Most Beautiful Theaters in the World | Architectural Digest.

As always, thank you for your support. We’re so proud!

Many thanks,

Kathy Ramsberger

katherine ramsberger| president & ceo

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