Meet Kimberly: The World's First AI Art Assistant for an Unforgettable Miami Art Week Experience! Unveils The Worlds’ First AI Art Assistant
'Kimberly': Your Definitive Guide to Art Basel and Miami Art

Miami, FL, December 2023 –, a leader in innovative AI solutions,
has announced the launch of the World’s first AI Art Assistant named
'Kimberly'. Designed to be the definitive guide for all things related to Miami Art
Week and Art Basel, Kimberly is a groundbreaking, hyper-realistic digital
assistant in the world of art and culture.

Kimberly is one of dozens of's hyper-realistic AI models. Kimberly
boasts the latest insider insights on Miami Art Week – from exclusive events,
galleries, and VIP soirées to top dining destinations. has meticulously
crafted Kimberly to elevate the Art Week experience for seasoned connoisseurs
and casual explorers alike, promising an Art Week like no other.
"Our aim with Kimberly is to provide an immersive, informative, and personalized
guide to one of the art world's most significant events," says Jason Inasi, CEO of
DigitalDNA Labs, CloneMe’s parent company.. "Whether you're a seasoned art
collector or a first-time attendee, Kimberly is designed to help you navigate the
hundreds of Miami Art Week events with ease.”

Users can access Kimberly for free at, where her realtime voice and
avatar responds with tailored recommendations based on individual preferences.
This includes insider tips on must-see exhibits, access to exclusive events, and
guidance to the best dining spots in Miami. Kimberly is intuitive and user-friendly,
making her accessible to a wide range of users.

In addition to event guidance, Kimberly also provides educational insights into
artworks, artists, and galleries, enhancing the cultural experience of Miami Art
Week. Her vast knowledge library and real-time updates ensure that users are
always in the know.'s commitment to enhancing cultural experiences through technology
is exemplified in Kimberly. This AI Art Assistant not only represents a significant
leap in AI driven technology but also redefines the way art enthusiasts engage
with major events like Art Basel. For more information and to access Kimberly, AI
art assistant, visit

About CloneMe
CloneMe is a pioneering technology company specializing in artificial intelligence.
the company is committed to developing AI solutions that are not only intelligent
but also personable and user-friendly. CloneMe's mission is to make technology
more human, one AI model at a time.

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