Wild Florida Airboat Rides & Wildlife Park anuncia la llegada de un miembro de la familia Ankole-Watusi

Wild Florida Airboat Rides & Wildlife Park announced the arrival of a beautiful, baby Ankole-Watusi heifer (female) born Feb. 5, 2015 at 1:00 pm. Weighing in at an impressive 30 pounds, the curious calf is on display at Wild Florida under the protective eyes of its parents, Geronimo and Winifred, whose large diameter horns rank among the most impressive in Florida.

“We are especially excited about the birth of this heifer because based on the size of her parents’ horns, she could be a future record-holder,” said Sam Haught, Owner, Wild Florida. “And we’re hoping the public will help us name her! Simply submit a name to us via our Facebook page by Monday Feb. 16 (www.facebook.com/Wildfloridairboats) and the winner will receive a special ‘behind-the-scenes’ tour of our park and a private airboat ride.”
Commonly referred to as the “cattle of kings,” these divine bovines can weigh up to 1,600 pounds and have horns that can span an incredible 8 feet from tip to tip, which are used for defense and cooling. Originally native to Africa, their ancestry dates back more than 6,000 years with majestic depictions of Ankole-Watusi cows observed on ancient Egyptian pyramid walls. While its diet consists of grass and leaves, the cattle’s extraordinary ability to survive on limited food and water has been crucial to longevity and ability to breed in a wide variety of climates ranging from Europe to Australia to North America.
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Once considered endangered, Ankole-Watusis are now thriving thanks to the extraordinary efforts of private breeders, zoos and wildlife sanctuaries. Haught says the newborn and her parents are ‘doing just fine’ and can be seen daily from 9:00 am—6pm at Wild Florida, located at 3301 Lake Cypress Rd., Kenansville, Fla. 34739.

Wild Florida Airboat & Wildlife Park is a 13-acre paradise located at the headwaters of the Everglades, along the beautiful shores of Lake Cypress in Central Florida. Founded in 2010, the family-owned and operated airboat company and wildlife park features a wide variety of animal interactions including the Columbia Tamarin, South American Sloth, Red Ruff Lemur, and the American Alligator.  This natural sanctuary also features a free-flight tropical bird aviary, hands-on alligator shows, hundreds of native and exotic animals, reptiles and birds in a lush, naturally protected swamp-like environment. For more information on Wild Florida Airboat Rides or the Adventure Park visit www.wildfloridairboats.com or call (407) 957-3135.

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