SeaWorld has Rescued More Than 25,000 Animals

Saludos amigos, como siempre me es grato compartirles notas que me agradan y muestran tambien el lado positivo de lo que a veces solo vemos o nos muestran lo negativo...a continuacion les comparto esta nota de interes.

SeaWorld has Rescued More Than 25,000 Animals 

The SeaWorld Rescue Team has surpassed a sobering milestone: more than 25,000 animals rescued over the past five decades.

2015 is proving to be a challenging year for animals in the wild in need of SeaWorld’s help. Just recently, SeaWorld helped rescue 19 manatees stuck in a storm drain, returned dozens of sea turtles to the ocean, and saved hundreds of sea lions that are stranding on the California coast due to lack of food. SeaWorld San Diego’s Rescue Team alone has already rescued more than 475 marine mammals this year!

Our goal for every animal we rescue is to successfully rehabilitate and return it to the wild. And for the small percentage of animals with conditions that would prevent them from surviving in the wild, they are given lifelong care at SeaWorld or another accredited facility.

Stay up-to-date on our latest rescue stories, and also track how many different types of animals we rescue on the new website.

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