2018 Thanksgiving Facts: Food, Finances & More – WalletHub Report

To help people embrace the Thanksgiving spirit in the face of political bickering and a slew of recent national tragedies, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its 2018 Thanksgiving Facts report, which details how much Americans will spend, eat, drink, watch and more. The report features both an embeddable infographic and a Q&A with a panel of experts on Thanksgiving weekend’s economic importance.

Here you find a handful of highlights.
  • $335+ – Average person’s spending over the five-day Thanksgiving period.
  • 10 Hrs. 41 Mins. – Length of time the average American male would need to spend on the treadmill to burn the 4,500 calories consumed at the average Thanksgiving meal.
  • $640+ Million – Estimated amount Americans spend on Thanksgiving turkeys each year, with 45 million turkeys killed for the holiday.
  • $19 Million – Amount of property loss caused by residential building fires each Thanksgiving.
  • 58% – Of people celebrating Thanksgiving are dreading having to talk politics at the dinner table.
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