New Immune System Boost vacation package to help calm coronavirus jitters and improve health.

In these uncertain times, The Stanford Inn and Resort provides a sanctuary from Urban areas and offers customized resources to enhance one's immunity and general well being

At this quiet haven graced with clean ocean air, the Pacific, and redwood forests, guests learn to cook plant-based meals, use nutrition to enhance immunity, and discover inner calm to build long-term healthy living habits – All just north of the San Francisco Bay

The Stanford Inn and Resort, is offering travelers a chance to escape their constant concern regarding the coronavirus and focus instead on what they can do - boost their immunity. ”Our immune systems reflect our mental state and overall health, explains Jeff Stanford, who with his wife, Joan, own the Inn.. “We think of the immune system as a gauge to well-being,”

“This getaway is a unique opportunity at a crucial time. We’re told the virus doesn’t affect all demographics equally and seniors, particularly those with other health issues, tend to be the most vulnerable,” said Sid Garza-Hillman, the Wellness Programs Director and Certified Nutritionist. Garza-Hillman is the author ofApproaching the Natural: A Health Manifesto. “While it’s always the right time to adopt healthy habits, moments like these really stress the importance of taking charge of your health and stress and we’ve been teaching people how to successfully do this for decades.” Sid teaches the whole food, plant-based, cooking and nutrition workshops in which guests don aprons and use fresh produce from the resort’s GROW BIOINTENSIVE® educational farm.

Joan Stanford, a Registered Art Therapist offers a creative play workshop. She adds, “When we’re engaged in creative activities our brains exhibit patterns seen in the brains of children at play. We all benefit from expressing ourselves creatively – experiencing less stress and more joy, boosting wellbeing.” The experience are truly rejuvenating.

Jeff, a meditator since he was 18, discusses a practical and doable approach to meditation which destresses while at the same time encourages self-knowing. An iconoclast he believes that we were born to meditate and that many techniques increase rather than relieve stress. “Meditation is easy and leads to insight, self-knowledge, and beyond. It’s not a chore, it is fun and lightens our load.”

Those who’ve been considering changing habits but feel overwhelmed will find compassionate guidance at the Stanford Inn and Resort. ”Creating a new habit is a process and can be overwhelming and ineffective if not done correctly,” Sid explains. “We’re here to help each guest with their individual goals and give them the tools to make long-term, permanent improvements to their lives. We encourage and demonstrate actual lifestyle changes, not quick-fixes.” The skills and techniques guests take home are manageable and sustainable. The information is science-based.

The Immune System Boost vacation package is available as an add-on to a three-night minimum stay any time of year!  The classes/sessions are taught at the resort over the course of the three days with plenty of down-time to play and explore the breathtaking Mendocino coast, wander the resort’s vast property and or head out on one of the resort’s redwood outrigger canoes; pets are welcome. In fact, the resort has created the only specifically-designed doggie-and-me canoe.

The Immune System Boost vacation package includes:
  • A customized Boost Your Immune System Cooking Class (please let us know particular health conditions in advance)Personalized Art & Creativity ClassHealthy Living Class/Nutrition ClassAn exploration of the process of meditation for health and developing a sustainable health-promoting mindset.Boosting Immune System Through Healthy Habits ClassA newsletter including discussions of meditation and health issuesCopy of Sid Garza-Hillman’s books -Raising Healthy Parents: Small Steps, Less Stress, and a
  • Thriving Family & Approaching the Natural: A Health Manifesto
  • Copy of The Art of Play: Ignite Your Imagination to Unlock Insight, Healing, and Joy  by Joan StanfordThree Dinners
  • This add-on package costs $775/couple + tax (call for single guest pricing). Taxes, gratuities and lodging are additional; a minimum 3-night stay is required.

This package is subject to availability; please contact the Stanford Inn and Resort to verify your dates before making your reservation.

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