Mindful cocktails: inclusive, creative and responsible hosting with Diageo.

As socializing occasions continue to evolve, and people choose to be more mindful about what and how they drink, what was once seen as a trend toward low and non-alcohol cocktails, is now clearly here to stay.


At Diageo, we are really excited about this space and are committed to continue reinventing cocktail culture and providing people with more options for every celebration – big or small. We want to change the way the world drinks for the better while celebrating moderation. This means helping people make positive choices around alcohol.

With the growing popularity of low and non-alc cocktails, comes the opportunity to host guests with creativity, inclusivity and responsibility. One useful tip is to substitute cocktail spirits with non-alc alternatives or reduce the pour measurement of existing ingredients to make a low-alc version of a traditional cocktail.


Always offer water or non-alcoholic beverages to help guests space their drinks and hydrate. Also, ensure you provide guests with plenty of food options – it’s a great way to show hospitality, and food is essential to slow down alcohol absorption for those who choose to drink.

As a host, be sure to offer activities that don’t center around alcohol, like karaoke or board games. You can also challenge people to take the DRINKiQ quiz to see how can bust the most myths about the effects of alcohol on the body.

To learn how to make more classic cocktails, Diageo has curated a new cocktail book, called ’serve & sip,’ offering a selection of low and non-alcoholic versions of the recipes purposefully kept together to help people make a decision around each drinking occasion. The book includes cocktail-making basics and a handy guide on how to be a stand-out host!


More information on Diageo’s ‘Society 2030: Spirit of Progress’ commitment to promoting positive drinking.

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