Manuel Villacorta experto nutricionista nos brinda excelentes recetas utilizando aceite de canola para nuestras parrilladas es esta temporada de verano.

Que tal amigos, les comparto otra entrevista con un excelente invitado...el es Manuel Villacorta, reconocido dietista, experto en nutrición y chef de celebridades a quien seguro han escuchado o visto en algunas de las principales cadenas de radio o Tv; Manuel nos trae excelentes consejos para esta temporada de verano en cuanto a la cocina se refiere utilizando en sus recetas el rico y natural aceite de Canola, escuchen por favor...
We can say that Summer Season is here, and it’s the time for real hot weather, group gatherings and festive fare. It’s also time for men, and those who love them, to pay attention to how they’re treating their bodies. While exercise is important, it’s just as vital to maintain a healthy diet, according to author and celebrity Dietitian Manuel Villacorta.   Manuel knows that most guys think they’re experts on the grill, but he’s got some new recipes for you to try. This super celebrity chef will to take your culinary skills up a level by expanding into the kitchen, too. Magical meals await!  Villacorta is the author of,

Whole Body Reboot; The Peruvian Superfoods Diet to Detoxify, Energize, and Super Charge Fat Loss, Eating Free and several other cookbooks.  Manuel will also share some of his new Step Up the EveryDay Recipes.
  • DIY: If there’s one incredible thing you could do for your health, it’s to cook your own meals. You can’t control your nutrition or your health if you don’t know what you’re putting in your body.
  • EXPERIMENT FOR PEAK PERFORMANCE: Peak performance means owning what you eat, and that means getting to know your kitchen. Mess around in the kitchen and embrace mistakes – it’s all fun, and the food is probably still edible!
  • HEAT THINGS UP: When swapping the grill for the stove, keep the heat by using something that has a high smoke point like canola oil.
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