So.Beer: Beer with Benefits!

So.Beer! Beer with Benefits!
 So.Beer is a non-alcoholic light lager with built-in immune support.

So.Beer, which comes in two flavors--refreshing light lager and grapefruit citrus--which are vegan-friendly, low sugar, and low calorie. All of their cans are also 100% recyclable.

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- Less than 7 grams of sugar

- Low calorie - only 40 calories per can

- Vegan

- Carbon Neutral - So.Beer is 

- 0.3% ABV


Brewed right from the start as non-alcoholic, So.Beer retains all the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, plus the addition of The Naked Collective’s ImmunoBoost Formula, utilizing 250mg of Beta Glucan, which improves general immune health and combats the effects of stress, as proven in 50 clinical studies.    

Please let me know if you are working on any stories where So.Beer would be appropriate. Thank you!


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