Men's Holiday Gift Ideas--Gift Guide 2022

 Navidades en Julio y yo quiero presentarte algunos opciones para ese padre, hermano, amigo o vecino que merece un pequeño detalles de tu parte...

Men's Holiday Gift Ideas--Gift Guide 2022

Burn Pit BBQ

​​Price: $8.99 - $10.99

Rubs and hot sauce also available on Amazon

Many guys love turning their backyards into THE spot for amazing barbecues and if this sounds like a guy you know, consider gifting him Burn Pit BBQ sauces, rubs, and seasonings! This veteran-owned company is committed to using only high-quality all-natural ingredients to provide flavorful products all while giving back to the veteran community one barbecued-goodness bite at a time. Originally beginning as a blog offering tips on all things grilling, Burn Pit BBQ understands how disappointing it is to ruin a perfectly good slab of meat which is why they’ve created products to help achieve the barbecue bliss that will be the envy of all your neighbors! 

1934 BBQ

Price: $26 2-pack

We all know a guy who has got to have a bloody mary on deck during the holidays, so light up his yule log with 1934’s Bloody Mary Exceptional Mix that judges and consumers from the world’s most prestigious competitions have awarded the BEST Bloody Mary four years running since 2018! This handcrafted small batch mix has a bold full-bodied flavor made using only natural ingredients that won’t water down in your glass. No MSG or high fructose corn syrup here—just rich Bloody Mary goodness. Cheers!

Liberty Beans Coffee Company

Price: $15

Available on Amazon

The coffee-loving man will love to start off his mornings this holiday season with a bold roast from Liberty Beans Coffee Company! Liberty Beans Coffee Company is a family-owned craft roaster offering premium coffee sourced from green importers and farming partners. The husband and wife team searches the world for the best beans available from coffee-producing regions in Guatemala, Brazil, and Columbia. By fine-tuning the coffee roasting process, the brand maintains the delicate natural flavors and unique profiles for the ultimate sipping experience. 


Price: $68.88

Available at Amazon

The Backpod is a real treatment tool to free up a tight upper back and rib cage. It is an amazingly effective, super strong, and ultra conveniently sized wellness innovation for everyday use anywhere you are. Improve your flexibility, release tension and improve posture. The Backpod has helped thousands of people improve their posture and breathe easier through targeted, effective relief. Developed by professional physiotherapists to be incredibly accurate and effective. Don’t trust anything but this original. This is definitely a gift the guys in your life will thank you for!

PuffCuff– Men’s Line

Price: $80

The PuffCuff men’s line offers a variety of products men use every day. From beard wash to body butter, this is a fail-free gift that every guy will love. Designed to reduce irritation and breakage while also increasing manageability and rejuvenation, check out the PuffCuff Beard and Body Set available at Follow the journey @thepuffcuff Available on Amazon

GOODFOR– 8-Stage Shower Filter

Price: $69

Stop abusing your hair and skin with hard and overly chlorinated tap water! This 8-stage shower filter does what the others can’t. GOODFOR uses high-quality filtering media ingredients that actually work, like activated carbon and kinetic redox media. This allows the shower filters to trap and filter out those dissolved minerals, heavy metals, chlorine, and other nasty contaminants that have been quietly damaging your hair and skin for years. Gift this shower head filter and see a difference this December.

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