Kindle Scribe (Amazon Devices) cuenta con nuevas actualizaciones

Mis amigos como saben, a Amazon le gusta lanzar actualizaciones para sus dispositivos basadas en los comentarios de sus clientes. Por ello, me complace compartir que Kindle Scribe está implementando nuevas actualizaciones, que incluyen la capacidad de convertir cuadernos escritos a mano a texto al exportarlos, una nueva herramienta de selección (Lasso Select Tool), mejoras en la lectura de archivos PDF y una nueva selección de libros y títulos que admiten escritura directa en la página, entre otras muchas cosas.

New Kindle Scribe Features:


  • Convert to Text in Export: Easily convert your handwritten notebooks to text when you export, so you can edit and share the notebook with yourself or friends, family, or colleagues over email. In the Share menu, customers will have the option to “Convert to text and quick send” and “Convert to text and email” their standalone notebook as a .txt file. For the latter option, customers will be able to preview, review, and edit their notebook converted to text before sharing over email to up to 5 email addresses.
  • Lasso Select Tool: The new lasso select tool works anywhere you can write: notebooks, sticky notes, as well as PDFs uploaded to your Kindle library via Send to Kindle. With the new lasso select tool simply circle your handwritten text or pen strokes, then you can resize or move your selection within a notebook, sticky note, or PDF. You can also cut, copy, and paste your selection across your notebooks, sticky notes, and PDFs.
  • PDF Reading Improvements: For PDFs uploaded to your Kindle library through Send to Kindle, including the new Send to Kindle from Microsoft Word (using the “like a printed document” option), on Kindle Scribe customers can now switch between portrait and landscape view mode, crop margins to increase font size, and select text to make structured highlights with your finger or pen, add text notes, or look up dictionary definitions, translations, and Wikipedia results.
  • Write-On Content: Exclusive to Kindle Scribe, a new selection of books and titles that support direct on page writing, including guided journals and word games like crosswords and sudokus. These new content options are available for purchase on Amazon, and in the Kindle Store on your Kindle Scribe device - just look for "Write-on Books" in the store or “On-page writing” listed as a supported feature under the Product Details section of the eBook you wish to purchase.
  • Send to Kindle from Microsoft Word: Send documents (.docx and .doc) directly from your Microsoft Word app on your desktop or browser to read and review on Kindle (Microsoft 365 subscription required). Available now for Windows, coming soon to Mac and Web. Step by Step:
    • Go to File > Export (or Share) > Send documents to Kindle.
    • Choose which format you prefer for your document. The "Like a printed document" option enables on-page writing with Kindle Scribe, while the “Like a Kindle book” option enables handwritten sticky notes with Kindle Scribe.
    • You can then read and annotate Word documents sent to your Kindle. Writing on the page and handwritten sticky notes are available only on Kindle Scribe.
    • Users can also add “Send to Kindle” to the Quick Access Toolbar and the Ribbon at the top of Word for quicker access (Files > Options > Customize Ribbon/Toolbar > Choose commands from “All Commands”).

  • Notebook Overview to Navigate, Add, Delete, and Move Notebook Pages: The new notebook overview lets you preview nine notebook pages at a time to easily navigate and manage them. While in a notebook, tap the top menu and select the notebook overview and users can add/insert pages, move a single page, and delete a single page, giving you more control within your notebooks.
  • PDF Reading Improvements: For PDFs uploaded to your Kindle library via Send to Kindle, as well as in Write-on Books, customers can now increase or decrease contrast, one of the most requested features for Kindle Scribe, enhancing readability for reviewing and annotating PDFs and write-on content.
  • Two-column layout setting in landscape book reading: Available in the Aa Menu Layout tab for book content, customers can now select between one or two-column displays when your device is in Landscape orientation.

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