Spice Up Your Fall, Winter & Holiday Cuisine With Deliciously Versatile Vegan Chakalaka Bean Dishes, South African Mainstays That Have Been Uniting Family Members & Friends For Generations

Family, friends, food. All three bring us comfort and warmth. All three draw us closer together and make us grateful to be alive. All three awaken our senses, bolster our spirits andbrighten our souls. And all three hold an especially profound place in our hearts during the winter and holiday seasons.        

Fortunately, a special gift has recently arrived here in America direct from South Africa that will enable us to not only enhance the way we prepare our favorite foods this winter and holiday season, but to enhance the time we spend together with our favorite people as well.  

Introducing Chakalaka (www.chakalakabrands.com), a traditional vegan, nut free, dairy free, and gluten free South African bean dish featuring a delectably rich and versatile blend of spicy curry, peppers and hearty vegetables. A cherished mainstay in South Africa for generations, Chakalaka is ideally suited to spicing up stews, soups, curries and pastas as well as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year’s dishes while also helping us discover the life-affirming joys of shared international cuisine. 

South Africa Just Got A Whole Lot Closer                                                                                                              

As Chakalaka Brands founder and CEO Leeto Tlou puts it, “Chakalaka embodies the spirit of Ubuntu, which means ‘I am because we are.’ We brought Chakalaka to America with the intention of connecting cultures over delicious food. Our vibrant South African dish connects friends, family and cultures through the power of global flavors.” 

Fittingly enough, Chakalaka actually means “All Together” in Zulu – a key reason Mr. Tlou is committed to uniting the people of the world by helping them embrace the flavors of the world. 

Easy to prepare as a stand-alone entrée, side dish or recipe ingredient, Chakalaka comes in 6-ounce packages as a dry mix of beans, vegetables, and spices and should be cooked in water for 20 minutes over the stovetop. Ideal for those following a plant-based diet or mainstream consumers yearning to explore bold new international flavors, Chakalaka is available in three different yet equally enticing varieties:  No Mathata (mild), Original (medium) and Mathata (we’re talking spicy!). 


Consumers can purchase Chakalaka products on the www.chakalakabrands.com site, on Amazon and other online retailers or in a rapidly-growing number of markets (https://chakalakabrands.com/store-locator). To check out some winter/holiday and year-round recipes, please visit https://chakalakabrands.com/recipes/.

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