Battling the Single Use Plastic Crisis with Compostable Cutlery You Can Eat! | Introducing TwentyFifty

(The spoon on the left is a current 'compostable' spoon on the market. The spoon - or what's left of it - on the right is a TwentyFifty after just 10 days).
 TwentyFiftyNamed after the year 2050 - the year the population is projected to reach 10 billion and when it’s estimated that the amount of plastic waste in the ocean will exceed the amount of fish - the brand has one mission: to stop, or at least significantly reduce, plastic pollution. They are doing this with cutlery. The first, and only, compostable alternative to single-use plastic you can compost in your own backyard compost pile. Made solely out of water and flour - you can also eat them (if you want :) ).

TwentyFifty differs from other supposedly ‘compostable’ brands whose utensils require industrial-scale plants to compost them. Others use cornstarch as a base for their products which requires the product to be broken down into extremely small pieces and then composted with a very high heat in order to biodegrade. Even then, a sticky, resin-like material is left that is both not good for the soil and also a cause of methane gas. If you were to discard them in a backyard compost it would take two years (or more) for them to fully decompose. A TwentyFifty fork, spoon or knife is composted in 30 days or less and according to founder, Zack Kong, actually provides a significant amount of nutrients for your plants.

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