Our Orlando Park Is Open! 🎢 Enjoy Safe, Clean Fun!

Practicing Safe, Clean Fun for Over 22 Years!

We’re excited to welcome you back to enjoy some FUN together again. As we reopen our Orlando park today, we want to assure you that our team is taking every precaution to keep our employees and guests safe and healthy. Here’s what we’re doing on our end and what we'll also need your help with.
What We're Doing:

Temperature Checks
for All Employees

We’re doing temperature checks for all team members at the start of their shifts and sending home anyone with above-normal temperatures.
Clean Teams

“Clean Teams”
Around the Park

We’ve organized "Clean Teams" that will focus solely on sanitation, frequently wiping down railings, surfaces and other high-touch areas.
Reconfigured Seating & Queue Lines

Reconfigured Seating
& Queue Lines

We’ve added enhanced social distancing measures, including outdoor seating 6 feet apart and queue lines 9 feet apart.

Mask & Gloves for F&B/Cash Handlers

Any team member who handles cash or works with food and beverage will be required to wear a face mask and gloves during their shift.
Easily Accessible Hand Sanitizers

Easily Accessible
Hand Sanitizers

We’ve added many clearly visible hand sanitizers within eyesight, reminding guests to use them frequently throughout the day.
Protected Utensils and Condiments

Protected Utensils
& Condiments

All condiments, sides and utensils are now available upon request in order to protect the risk of contamination from open exposure.
What We Need From Our Guests:
Practice Social Distancing

Practice Social Distancing

Using the signs and reminders throughout the park, we ask that your party maintains a minimum distance of 6 feet from other guests.
Sanitize Frequently

Sanitize Frequently

Be sure to wash your hands often and use the sanitizer stations located throughout the park.
Ask Clean Team Members for Help

Ask Our "Clean Team" Members for Help

If you see something that needs to be sanitized, please ask one of our "Clean Team" members (wearing our Golden Rule t-shirts) for help.
Wear Face Masks

Wear Face Masks

While not required, we do recommend wearing a face mask. We encourage you to bring your own masks as an added precaution.

Stay Home When Sick

If you or anyone in your party is not feeling well, please stay home. We’ll be here waiting for you when you can return at full health!

We can’t wait to see you back at Fun Spot.

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