Quarantined Overseas, American ‘Peace Pilot’ Departs Spain

“Peace Pilot” Departs Spain, Continues Mission of Peace

Former Naval officer turned pilot Robert DeLaurentis is on a mission to share peace by connecting the two places on the planet where peace has always existed — the North and South Poles — with everyone in between. Partway through his mission, the coronavirus hit.

“When COVID-19 first touched down here in Spain — one of the two epicenters of the coronavirus in Europe and borders started shutting down, it would have been easy to end our Polar circumnavigation and retreat back to the United States,” Robert shares. “Many of my friends and family encouraged me to do this, feeling it would be safer. My team and I made a strategic decision that I would stay here in Spain where we believe we can have the most positive impact and be of the greatest service.” However, now Robert departs Spain to continue his journey and is in route to Sweden currently.

Much of Robert’s work entails teaching others how to tap into their inner sense of peace — a crucial skill in these troubling times. Rather than cutting his peace mission short and returning home to the United States, he has decided to continue sharing peaceful inspiration with the world.

“Our mission is one of peace,” he says. “In my 14 years in the Navy and the past seven years learning to understand the Zen Warrior philosophy, I’ve learned that peace on the ground and in our minds is worth fighting for, and I am fighting for that peace for and with all of you now.”

A few story ideas include: 

3 Tips for Living Impossibly Big Dreams

Robert shares three tips for making your biggest life goals a reality: 1) dare to dream, 2) be persistent, and 3) harness the power of courageous action.

Living Fully by Overcoming Fear

How do we overcome fear to experience more of what we want in life? Robert helps people overcome fears and strengthen their courage muscles by using his experiences as a pilot who has faced potential death several times, an entrepreneur who has creatively rebuilt his business after losses, and a spiritual guide who is committed to living with grace, ease, and enjoyment even in difficult times.

Be the Change

How can we live the life of our dreams? Robert helps people pursue their impossibly big dreams by taking courageous action every day. This is beyond just talking about change; it’s about being a living example of making change happen.

A Pilot’s Path to Inner Peace

How can we access our innate sense of inner peace? Robert shows people how to find peace inside themselves and bring it into the world with illustrative examples from his time circumnavigating the globe in an airplane.

Spirituality in Business

Robert shares tips from his book, “Flying Thru Life: How to Grow Your Business and Relationships Through Applied Spirituality.”
 More about Robert: “Peace Pilot” Robert DeLaurentis is an aviation circumnavigator, author, speaker, pilot, real estate entrepreneur, philanthropist, and Navy Gulf War veteran. He is the founder of the “Citizen of the World for the World” global peace movement to connect humanity through the wonder of flight and the power of courageous action. His latest books include “Peace Pilot: To the Ends of the Earth and Beyond” (coming 2021) and the children’s book “The Little Plane that Could.” Learn more at Learn more awww.PoleToPoleFlight.com.

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