PIPELINE - View the Terrifying New Trailer.


This April, The Darkness Pulls.
From Wild Eye Releasing, and director Emily Aguilar comes a terrifying new motion picture experience: PIPELINE.

After moving into a new home, a family discovers the house is occupied by a bloodthirsty monster that lives in the walls and pipes, dragging in all who get too close. Now trapped inside, the family must do whatever they can to survive as the murderous beast lures in new victims.

Marc Goodman (House of Cards, Gotham, Veep), Madeleine Murphy (Copycat Killers, Halloween at Aunt Ethel's), Ashna Sharan (L.A. Undercover, A Stone Cold Christmas), and Jason Alan Cook (Point Man, Bigfoot: Path of the Beast) star in PIPELINE, On Demand and DVD April 27 from Wild Eye Releasing.

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