Mindful Screen-Free Activity!

Mindful Screen-Free Activity!

Ease your mind from the negative effects of too much screen time with Buddha Board the ultimate relaxing, creative, and fun mindfulness tool!  More info is below on this amazing Zen-like experience! Also, available on Amazon!  Let me know if you would like a sample to feature - Thank you! All the best, Mattea

Screen-Free Fun for Everyone

From work e-mails and school projects to your IG feed and Wordle, how much time do you spend glued to a screen?

Give your devices and your brain a break and recharge your mental batteries with the help of the Buddha Board!

The Buddha Board is a screen-free way to help you practice being in the moment. There are no rules. No requirements. Simply fill your brush with water and paint away. Once you relax into the process you’ll feel your worries slipping away and disappearing, just like the water on your tablet.

Buddha Board Highlights:

  • Designed with a sleek, modern aesthetic

  • Reusable

  • Quick to set up

  • Enso and Mini fold closed for streamlined carrying

  • "Painting" with water is truly MESS FREE

  • No ink, paint, or chemicals

  • Encourages mindfulness

  • Doesn’t add to your digital footprint

  • Taps into your creative side

  • Fun for all ages

  • Helps kids explore the creative process judgment free

  • Perfect for relieving stress at home, in the office, or when traveling

Find your quiet in a sea of content with the Buddha Board.

To learn more visit www.buddhaboard.com  


$17.95 for the Mini Buddha Board

$37.95 for the Original

$27.95 for the Enso

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