The Weed Gummies Cookbook by Monica Lo [New Book]

The Weed Gummies Cookbook by Monica Lo [New Book]

Desperately seeking relief for a herniated spinal disk and finding none amongst the cocktail of opioids prescribed by her doctor, Monica Lo’s world was changed after receiving a cannabis-infused treat from her roommate.

“For the first time in a long time, I slept like a baby,” she says. “The next day, I found myself spending hours upon hours researching this plant and how to make my own infusions. Since we lived in a strict no-smoking building, I needed to be very discreet with the wafting scent of cannabis; this meant that using a Crock-Pot or cooking on the stovetop was not in the cards.”

Lo was a creative director of a sous vide start-up and thought she’d put the company’s machines to the test, which inspired her to start her educational blog Sous Weed®.

Now, she is sharing her culinary creations in The Weed Gummies Cookbook: Recipes for Cannabis Candies, THC and CBD Edibles, and More [978-1-64604-366-8; $17.95; Ulysses Press; August 2022], a practical collection of recipes for those at various stages of their cannabis journey offering approachable ways to incorporate a variety of cannabinoids into your routine. With step-by-step instructions and color photos, you’ll also get pro tips for safely handling and labeling your confections.

The Weed Gummies Cookbook will inspire you to create your own special gummies and candies that are even better than your average dispensary-bought treats. You’ll find weed-infused recipes like Sour Green Apple Gummies; Lavender Chamomile Sleep Gummies; Mocha Caramels; Honey Elderberry Lozenges, and much more.

The Weed Gummies Cookbook: Recipes for Cannabis Candies, THC and CBD Edibles, and More by Monica Lo
Ulysses Press
Paperback; August 30, 202
ISBN: 978-1-64604-366-8
$17.95; 6 2/5 x 8; 128 pages
Lo is donating portions of her book proceeds to The Last Prisoner Project semi-annually.

About the Author
Monica Lo is a multidisciplinary creative and the creator of Sous Weed, a blog-turned-culinary-cannabis resource founded in 2015. With a formal background in communication design from Pratt Institute, she honed her skills as a food photographer and stylist while working in the advertising industry in New York City. Monica is the author of The Weed Gummies Cookbook, coming summer 2022. Her work for Sous Weed has been featured on the TODAY show, VICE’s Munchies, Healthyish, and in magazines such as Vogue and Kitchen Toke. Born in Dallas to food-loving Taiwanese immigrants, she finds pleasure in documenting family recipes for posterity, collecting vintage Chinese cookbooks, and researching ancestral cannabis in ancient Asia. Monica currently resides in San Francisco with her husband, son, and beloved chihuahua. You can keep up with Monica and follow her on Instagram as well as Twitter (@sousweed).

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