Fleurissent: New Mood-Lifting Skincare Formulated from the Flowers of Grasse

Introducing Fleurissent: Mood-Lifting Skincare Formulated from the Flowers of Grasse

A new natural floral skincare line to holistically treat the body, mind, and spirit

NEW YORK, NY, January, 2023 – Founded in the countryside of France with the world’s most potent flowers, Fleurissent, a new range of natural floral skincare products receiving rave reviews from consumers all over the world is born Known as the “perfume capital of the world,” Grasse, a town in Southern Provence, France, is home to a wide variety of sought-after blooms that include Roses, Lavender, Jasmine, and Peonies. These flowers are scientifically proven to calm the central nervous system, benefit the skin, provide mood lifting benefits, and deeply nourish the skin. The founder’s feeling of love and passion ignited by these powerful florals soon became the basis for the skincare line.

“I was immediately struck by the power of these remarkable plants,” says founder Tracey William. “Not only are they stress-reducing, but they also contain properties that calm, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin, no matter what skin type you may have. Not only are people enjoying the results of glowing skin, but they also appreciate the luxurious calming effects that go deeper than the surface.”

After two years and hundreds of formulations, Fleurissent, meaning “Bloom,” was born. The foundational launch includes twelve skus of soothing and rejuvenating facial creams and masks with prices ranging from $25 to $198. Each product contains a proprietary mixture of six unique flowers: Rose de Mai (Rose Centifolia), Rose Alba, Rose Gallica, Lavender, and Peony along with other flowers such as immortelle, corn flower, yarrow, evening primrose, and organically grown botanicals, creating a rich, nourishing, and luxurious treatment for the skin and mind. Fleurissent is committed to combining the therapeutic and topical benefits of flowers to holistically treat the body, mind, and spirit for a luxurious self-care ritual that glows from within. 

Each product contains more than 10,000 petals of 6-10 flowers that are naturally grown, freshly picked, and scientifically crafted for revitalizing benefits. In accordance with Ecocert and Cosmos standards, Fleurissent products are certified organic and safe and never tested on animals. It is also free of parabens, additives, and harmful ingredients, Fleurissent is committed to having zero-waste packaging by 2025.

Fleurissent is now available and currently offering a 30% discount sitewide. For more information, visit the www.fleurissent.com. Please find hi res imagery and brand assets here.

About the Company

On a mission to activate holistic beauty and wellness that emanates from within, the founder of Fleurissent discovered the power of flowers to calm the mind and improve mental health. Fleurissent’s path to success is to add value to society that extends far beyond the external benefits of its products. Fleurissent’s founding principle is to empower women to see their authentic beauty, experience the health, happiness, and vitality they really deserve, and to regain their connection to self and nature in ways that nourish their mind, body, and spirit. The Fleurissent Care Foundation is committed to donating a portion of all profits to various charities and is committed to sustainability, sourcing ingredients solely from small farms. 

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