Obsidian puts ART into SmART Speakers

Obsidian puts ART into SmART Speakers

 Pantheone Audio, which creates stunningly designed high-end speakers that are more akin to sculptures or interior design set pieces, which next week will unveil its latest creation, - Obsidian


Inspired by the organic lava rock of the same name, it is a gorgeously designed and hand-crafted resin speaker that gives even Bang & Olufsen a run for its money, offering breathtaking sights and sounds with the latest intelligent capabilities you would expect from a connected speaker.  Retailing at $1,399, this high-end connected speaker is a beautiful addition to any home.  It combines sound, sculpture, and art to deliver crisp audio and a host of clever and Alexa-compatible features.  Can I send you information about its launch under embargo?


It joins Pantheone I ($2,750), the world’s largest and most elegantly designed Alexa speaker, in the company’s product lineup.  Inspired by the Pantheon in Rome, Pantheone I is a meticulously handcrafted speaker built into a minimalistic resin sculpture that seamlessly fits into home interior designs. 


Shortly after launch, loaner units of Obsidian will be available.  

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