Brazilian-Inspired Soda: Delicious, Refreshing and Low Calorie


Through our unique flavors, satisfy your taste buds with Soda Bossa. She's the Bossa, the guilt-free soda! It's only 35 calories, uses real cane sugar, and contains less sodium than other sodas.
Become a Bossa and experience the Brazilian Spark!

We all know who "The Boss" is in the world of sodas. It's time for "The Bossa" to assume the throne and prove that sodas can be low-calorie guilt-free beverage without sacrificing on flavor. Soda Bossa was created with the intention to be vibrant and fun in a way no other soda has accomplished. We invite you to try our new approach to sodas and fall in love with what makes Soda Bossa so unique. 

Experience the Brazilian Spark and become your own Bossa.

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