National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day - August 4th, 2023

August 4th is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. And to celebrate, there´s nothing better than these brands that recomend to you..and enjoy the classic cookie in a whole new way! 

EatPastry - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Price: $60.00 (6 - 14oz Tubs Per Case)

EatPastry was created with the idea that great-tasting cookie dough can be better for you and the environment. We source the best plant-based, non-GMO ingredients to make the best-tasting, highest-quality cookie dough treats for you and the planet! Follow us on Instagram @eatpastry.

Better Body Foods - Chocolate Chip Cookies w/ Oatsome Oat Flour

Price: $7.25 ($0.52 / Ounce) 

Available on Amazon

BetterBody Foods is a health food company providing the best natural, organic, and many gluten-free pantry staples. An innovative source for healthy, quality products that enhance a healthy lifestyle, all BBF products are created with nutritional benefits in mind. Oatsome’s oat flour is perfect for baking muffins, cookies, pancakes, etc. Visit their website for recipes to see how to eat and enjoy all its PBfit offerings year-round.

Xplorer Spirits - Xplorer Chocolate Bourbon Liqueur

Price: $48.00

Where will you travel this summer? Unleash your inner explorer and satisfy your discerning palette with Xplorer Spirits! The award-winning brand is a tribute to fellow adventurers with a grain-to-glass process that uses local and American-sourced products. Bourbon, vodka, gin, and whiskey are distilled to a high purity level, ensuring a great experience in the glass and enjoyed with good friends wherever life takes you. All products are vegan-certified except the Honey Bourbon Liqueur. Try their chocolate bourbon liqueur in a delicious chocolate bourbon cookie recipe today!

Lynn & Liana Designs

Price: $86.99+

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Lynn & Liana Designs offers customizable boards and platters that will also serve as art in your home. Trust me, your spread will be beautiful! Each board comes in nine colors. No two boards are alike because Lynn & Liana uses an eco-friendly resin that creates stunning designs that are unique to each board. Singer Meghan Trainor even shared her love for these cheese boards in her viral TikTok. The video has 7 million views and highlights the customizable cheese boards that double as art in your home. This small Manitoba family business has grown tremendously since starting in 2018 from a garage set-up. They went from producing 100 boards in 2018 to well over 100,000 boards in 2022 alone! Now available in 2,000+ stores, 28-year-old founder Melissa Funk has done more than jump on the charcuterie board craze. She’s reinvented it by crafting elegant boards and platters that stand out.


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