Available Now: Gravitas Ventures Releases Sophisticated Rogue Media’s “One Hour Outcall” across U.S. and Canada on all VOD/Digital & Blu-Ray/DVD platforms

 Saludos amables lectores...quiero compartir con ustedes una de mis recientes entrevistas, en esta ocación realizada al director de la película One Hour OutCall T. Arthur Cottam y al escritor de la misma, William Norrett demas esta decirles que esta producción ya esta disponible en todos los formatos y como siempre les pido que apoyemos el cine independiente.

Gravitas Ventures release has officially released on all VOD/Digital platforms Sophisticated Rogue Media’s captivating new feature film “One Hour Outcall” from award-winning director T. Arthur Cottam (“Pollywogs,” “Carbuncle”) and prolific writer William Norrett (his novel “The Vanilla Gigolo Prescription” and musical “Presidential Suite”) across all of North America (the U.S. and Canada) on all VOD/Digital & Blu-Ray/DVD platforms. 

“One Hour Outcall” is a richly nuanced sophisticated, sexy drama that peels back the layers of the complex relationship between a high-class escort and a client who meet every Thursday night, as much as it peels back their clothes. 

Because in today’s world, “One Hour Outcall” shows a textured male-female relationship that can be interpreted a number of ways. “One Hour Outcall” stars Natalia Ochoa (“The Pastor,” “The Real Steal”), William Norrett (“Carbuncle,” “Elysian Gardens”), Kristin Carey (“Hall Pass,” “Criminal Minds”), Shannon Leigh Godwin (“Fake The Joy,” “Fantasy Fitness”), Octavio Rodriguez (“NCIS: New Orleans,” “Homeland”), and Will Holbrook (“Ride Home,” “The Gunman”); and is directed & produced with cinematography by T. Arthur Cottam, written & executive produced by William Norrett, produced by Jim Eshom (“Je dis non, Ali,” “Disarm Hate”) and edited & produced by Sam Hook (“The Dark Divide,” “The United States of Insanity”) with costume designer Rebecca Michaels and music by Kevin Smithers (“Mira, Royal Detective,” “Victor & Valentino”). 

 “One Hour Outcall” is a sophisticated, sexy drama unraveling the complex relationship between a call girl and her client who meet every Thursday night. Esmeralda (Ochoa) is a college-aged, high-class escort, Greg (Norrett ) a middle-aged, divorced introvert. Sexual tension and curiosity fill the air during their first rendezvous, each vying for the upper hand. As they continue their weekly explorations, however, they start to develop an intimacy that goes beyond the transactional and into the deeply personal. 

When his ulterior motive is revealed, their interludes force Greg to confront his relationship with Esmeralda, his family, and his own inner demons. And it forces Esmeralda to question whether or not she can truly leave her emotions at the door.

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