Radinn Jetboard's - The Ultimate Home or Boat Quarantine Toy

 Radinn Jetboard's - 
The Ultimate Home or Boat Quarantine Toy

The fully electric motorized surfboard / jetboard. Which is the ultimate toy for at home or on yacht for one’s winter quarantine lifestyle. Everyone is staying close to home this year and wants more toys to play with. The big trend this year are toys to keep you occupied at home on your boat. RADINN Jet boards are the perfect companion piece for yourself and the whole family. Radinn is the leader in motorized jetboards.

Radinn recently launched two new board models that are changing the future of water sports andPlease find information, images, pricing and videos below.  Clients love them for both cold and warm weather climates. Great fun for her or him in in board shorts, bikinis or wet suits. Love to get you on board this season in Miami as well.  

Radinn, the Swedish jetboard manufacturer, adds two new board shapes to their product range that are lighter and highly agile.

The free-ride and the carve models complement Radinn’s current jetboard and come in two unique designs. While the previous ‘Explorer’ board was more focused on durability and easy-learning, the new shapes target advanced and pro-riders seeking greater maneuverability.

 The free-ride model comes with a weight of 27lbs, three kilos lighter than the G2X. The perfect choice for riders who are ready to trade some stability with greater control. While the length and width are similar to its predecessor, the board has enhanced hydrodynamics and allows easier turns.

Advanced riders will be thrilled about the new carve model. At just 20lbs, it weighs a less than the G2X and is significantly smaller in size (5 ́10“ x 2 ́ x 0,5 ́). Sharp turns and carving are now possible and advanced jetboarders will be able to fine-tune their skills.

“From day one, it was my vision to offer a range of different board shapes. Our product modularity allows swapping the jetpack and battery within minutes. Now, our customers can have several board types at home and decide on the spot which board fits best to the given riding conditions.” - Founder Alexander Lind 

The sleek board design is inspired by the fusion of watersports and tech. Customers can choose between two colors per model: The freeride board comes in a clean, minimalist space grey and the carve model in a vibrant, dark cyan and grey. Both models also come in a full black version with a high-end carbon finish. 

Radinn recently launched the G3, their third generation jetpack making higher speeds and faster acceleration possible. All board shapes can be purchased at Radinn.com and the entry price for a complete package is 6.490USD. Customers can tailor their own jetboards with the

product configurator on Radinn’s website and have it shipped directly to their home.

G3 Jetpack

One year after the launch of the second generation, Radinn introduces the new G3 jetpack with improved quality and exhilarating performance.

 “The third generation features an entirely new jetpack controller, the brains of the G3. Our improved technology unleashes higher speeds and faster acceleration.” said Alexander Lind. “We are constantly pushing our own boundaries and we are committed to raising the bar of the jetboarding industry.”

 The G3 jetpack will be available in two power options, Standard and Pro. Every customer receives the same hardware and has full flexibility when it comes to the product configuration. Both the jetpack and power pack can be purchased at a lower entry price with the software setting for beginners and later be upgraded via Radinn’s app to unleash full power.

Product packages including the G3 Standard start at 6.490USD with a top speed of 44km/h and an average ride time of 25 minutes. Upgrading to the G3 Pro and an extended power pack delivers an average ride time of 45 minutes and electrifying speeds of 34 mph.


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