SAN DIABLO ARTISAN CHURROS, Gourmet Filled Churros Available for Nationwide Shipping Just in Time for the Holidays.


Made from Scratch, Gourmet Filled Churros Available for Nationwide Shipping Just in Time for the Holidays.

San Diablo Artisan Churros (San Diablo), the only nationwide purveyor of gourmet fresh filled churros that delivers deep-fried happiness on demand, announces the release of the Take & Bake Churro Kit. The kit includes one devil's dozen [13] pre-made and chilled mini churros ready to reheat (in the oven or air fryer), fill, and devour. The award-winning churro dough is made from scratch, fried to golden-perfection, and coated with sugar and freshly-ground cinnamon. San Diablo’s one-of-a-kind Take & Bake kit gives customers flexibility to fill churros in their home kitchen with filling of their choice, including dulce de leche, nutella, sweet cream, homemade lemon curd, and raspberry. Whether celebrating a special occasion, holiday, or indulging just because, San Diablo’s quick and easy Take & Bake Churro Kit is the perfect way to create a lasting memory or sweet escape. 

Que tal amigos, quiero compartir con ustedes mi reciente entrevista con Scott Porter, el es un excelente empredendor ademas de ser el fundador de San Diablo Gourmet Churros quienes nos ofrecen maravillosos y deliciosos churros artesanales entre otros ricos productos.

Beloved by Utahns since 2016, San Diablo Artisan Churros are now available for shipping nationwide. Entrepreneur Scott Porter developed the Take & Bake Churro Kit as a COVID-19 business pivot to bring the joy of “heaven sent, wicked good” gourmet filled churros safely into the home. What started as a way to satisfy the cravings of local churro fans, the overwhelming response prompted Porter to deliver churro happiness across the country. 


Just in time for a socially-distanced holiday gift giving season, San Diablo Take & Bake Churros is an at-home tradition that families and friends will want to continue for special occasions and holidays, during and after quarantine.

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San Diablo Artisan Churros specializes in creating artisan-filled churros for special events and celebrations. The proprietary, award-winning churro dough recipe is made from scratch and fried on-demand. The fried golden brown, hollow-centered churros are filled with “happiness”—gourmet fillings of choice. In a relentless search for churro perfection, the menu has expanded to include seasonal flavors, savory churro offerings, and nationwide at-home delivery. San Diablo members enjoy outstanding quality artisanal food that is undeniably fresh, delicious, and delivered with a unique style of fun. Like their Artisan Churros, San Diablo is filled with social good: supporting local, national, and international non-profit causes. 

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