Macally Cool Mist Humidifiers Promote A Clean, Healthy Atmosphere.

Macally Introduces a Series of Portable, Multifunctional, Personal Cool Mist Humidifiers Ideal for Use at Work or at Home.

Twenty five year consumer electronics accessory manufacturer, Macally Peripherals, launched their newest products, cool mist humidifiers that are ideal for office, home and, yes, even for automobiles because they are small, light and run for several hours on one fill. 

The HMDLUNA, HMDUSB and HMDTALL feature colorful LED lighting, an easy to clean water
reservoir, replaceable filters and Anti dry technology auto shut off to prevent dry burning when the water level runs low.

These humidifiers are a good fit for people prone to dry skin, itchy throats, bloody noses and promote a clean healthy atmosphere at the office or home. said Macally President Mike Chen. Macally s personal humidifiers are a welcome year round lifestyle device for those looking to increase the level of comfort anywhere.

• Anti Dry technology to prevent dry burning . Automatically shuts off when the

water level becomes low.

• Replaceable water filters to freshen your space with pure, clean moisture

• Designed to operate Ouietly for uninterrupted work/sleep

• 7ED lighting colors to meet your personal preference (HMDUSB includes LED and

Fan attachments)

• Helps relieve dry, itchy skin by ensuring your area remains at a comfortable

humidity level.


MSRP $29.99 MSRP $29.99 MSRP $29.99

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