New online urgent care offers free consultations to Orlando residents

Thirty Madison Urgent Careopened an online urgent care center that can now treat people virtually across Florida.

At Thirty Madison Urgent Care repurposed our existed infrastructure and doctor network to get this up as quickly as possible. Our goal is to keep as many people safe at home as possible while reducing the current strain on ER resources. 

To make this as accessible as possible, our doctors are volunteering (or working at a reduced rate) so that our consultations can be offered on a pay-what-you-can basis, starting at $0. (You can read more about why we opened this urgent care now here.) 

Doctors are available around-the-clock and currently treating common conditions that send people to the ER: UTIs, cold & flu symptoms, stomach issues, and back pain. We will keep this running for as long as it’s needed across the country.

Email us at or call (917) 933-3890

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