How these hard-rocking first responders are fighting for their indie toy store

After longtime rock bassist Terry Taylor's mother died of lung cancer, he and his wife Liz decided to reset their lives. They left the music world to become a registered nurse and respiratory therapist, respectively, then opened a vintage, horror-themed toy store inspired by The Munsters. Then, in March, they were forced to return to their hospital jobs full-time in order to keep their just-a-year-old store afloat.

Now, their Lawrence, Kansas shop, 1313 Mockingbird Lane, is getting the Hollywood treatment as the second store to be profiled in a new series, A Toy Store Near You, now available on Amazon Prime.

Fully shot remotely and on iPhones during the pandemic, the series produced by leading docu show creator, Brian Volk Weiss of the Nacelle Company, went from greenlight to airing in just 60 days. 

The show takes a deep-dive into how this beloved but sometimes-forgotten slice of the small business community is trying to survive the times. More than just a look at a quirky, pop-culture world, it's an examination of how America's economic system is - and isn't - working to help small businesses survive the pandemic.

HERE is the 1313 Mockingbird Lane Instagram to see what they have in the store.

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