ADDICTION DURING COVID. An Exploration in the new book SIX RINGS BOOK debut. A Look into Brain Wellness & Addiction by Foremost Expert Dr. Bankole Johnson

Dr. Bankole is passionate about sharing his wealth of knowledge, and just launched a book trilogy entitled "Six Rings," in an attempt to bridge the gap between an educated lay and professional audience in the understanding of brain wellness, how to maintain it, the perturbations that can occur with excessive alcohol and substance use, and a more wholesome and integrated approach to its treatment. The first "Six Rings" book has just been released this week on Amazon. In English and Spanish, Audiobooks, print Paper

It’s an amazing book for one’s personal growth or for a loved one.  The info is given in a novel format through lead character Bastian.  So you learning best practices without realizing you are. Also as a no cost bonus, Dr. Bankole has created a special playlist – another sensory impulse to compliment his written word.  Perfect during these trying times as addiction is on the rise from Covid.

The book covers a range of topics including:

  • Optimal brain health and wellness
  • Addiction
  • nutrition and how it effects the brain and supports overall health from signals from the brain to problem area like the gut
  • Emotional intelligence and stress
  • Awareness and reactivity


The protagonist, Bastian, is a deeply thoughtful, intellectual man who loves music and art, who is at times a bit of a curmudgeon. The omniscient narrator invites the reader to be critical of him while also learning lessons about 

  • emotional acceptance and intelligence, oxidative stress and the power of antioxidants
  • the effects of excessive alcohol consumption on the brain
  • the ways that nutrition can improve brain health and function, as well as help mitigate the effects of alcohol consumption on the brain.


Bastian, who is largely an autobiographical figure, also provides insights about racism, particularly in the Emotional Acceptance chapter of the book. Bastian reflects on his own experiences with prejudice, including a seemingly well meaning but “misguided” tutor who congratulated him on his scientific successes by calling him a “genius,” and that he felt sorry for him as he was really a “White man trying to get out of a black man’s skin.” The reader is left to infer that the existence of racism is a part of life that he has learned to emotionally accept — and it’s something that society must also accept in order to be able to heal.

Brain Wellness and Addiction Expert Professor Dr. Bankole Johnson Debuts “Six Rings” Book Trilogy

Johnson provides insights about neuroscience and addictive behaviors through compelling storytelling


Brain wellness and addiction expert Professor Dr. Bankole Johnson has released the first of his trilogy of books, entitled Six Rings,” on AmazonThe series is interested in analyzing the complexities of the brain, and how to maintain it in optimum health through compelling narratives that are as engaging as they are educational.


The books are made up of short allegorical stories that are composites of Johnson’s past experiences, fictionalized characters, and coincidences; as well as a blend of individualized approaches and patient-orientated, personalized treatment. Drawing on his extensive knowledge in psychiatry, molecular genetics, forensics, addiction and computational mathematics, Johnson provides insights that aid in the understanding of how psychological and physiological factors affect its health and optimum performance.


In the first book, the reader meets Bastian Jackson, a whip-smart, deeply intuitive doctor with an incisive mind that questions the different mental ailments that assail humans. Bastian wrestles with his own perspectives, working out how this impacts others and uses it for the benefit of his clients.  It’s a foothold into the process of brain recovery following the excessive use of substances, which unfolds in the second book. Throughout “Six Rings,” illustrations, paintings, and music are used to set the tone for each chapter, and to inject mood and atmosphere into the allegorical stories.


As a whole, “Six Rings” portrays Johnson’s PREPARE method, an integrated treatment approach to optimizing brain function and treating addiction. The PREPARE method is powerfully organized yet individualized and intimately intertwined to maximize the treatment benefit of each patient. 


“Six Rings” is an attempt to bridge the gap between an educated lay and professional audience in the understanding of brain wellness, how to maintain it, the perturbations that can occur with excessive alcohol and substance use, and a more wholesome and integrated approach to its treatment. Through engaging storytelling, the books invite the reader, ever deeper, into an understanding of neuroscience, brain wellness, and addictive behaviors. Johnson hopes that readers will enjoy the stories and that they evoke a curiosity to learn more, and above all, understand the rich complexity of optimizing the brain and treating diseases that can afflict it.


The first book of the “Six Rings” series will be published by Privée clinics and PEPCO LLC, and will be available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback forms, as well as in English and Spanish audiobooks. 


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In addition to the books, in the coming months Dr. Johnson will be opening a brain wellness clinic, Privée Clinic, in Miami that offers: 

  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Infrared Light Therapy
  • IV Vitamin Therapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • 10 Pass Ozone Therapy
  • Nutritional Counseling Therapy
  • Genomics Testing
  • Intensive Psycho Biological Fingerprinting
  • Telemedicine
  • Psychological Counseling


About Professor Dr. Bankole Johnson:


Professor Bankole A. Johnson is a licensed physician and board-certified psychiatrist in the United States. Professor Johnson graduated in Medicine from Glasgow University in 1982, and trained in Psychiatry at the Royal London, Maudsley, and Bethlem Royal Hospitals. In addition to his medical degree, he obtained a Master of Philosophy degree for his neurobiological research at the University of London and conducted studies in neuropsychopharmacology for his doctoral thesis on the Medical Research Council unit at Oxford University. In 2004, Professor Johnson earned his Doctor of Science degree in Medicine from Glasgow University, the highest degree that can be granted in science by a British university.


Johnson’s primary area of research expertise is on ion channels, neuropsychopharmacology, molecular genetics, mathematics, neuroimaging, and medications for treating addictions. His clinical expertise is in the fields of addiction, forensics, and disability assessment. He holds several U.S. and international patents in pharmacogenetics.


Previously, Johnson was the Dr. Irving J. Taylor Professor and Chairman of Psychiatry, Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Professor of Medicine and Professor of Pharmacology; as well as the head of the Brain Science Consortium Unit at the University of Maryland. He has also been Alumni Professor and Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia. Additionally, Johnson served on the Council of the National Institute on Drug Addiction from 2004 to 2007 and was part of its External Advisory Board for many years. He was also on the editorial board of The American Journal of Psychiatry, and has over 200 publications himself.


Presently, Johnson is the Founder, Executive Chairman, and CEO of Privée Clinics, based in Miami, and the Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Adial Pharmaceuticals Inc., 1 a NASDAQ-listed company. Professor Dr. Johnson also functions as a Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Larkin University in Miami.

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