The Trend Talk Show. Estrenando su cuarta temporada el 4 de octubre por la cadena MeTV.

 The Trend Talk Show. La cuarta temporada de este show se estrena el 4 de octubre por la cadena MeTV y aquí les comparto mi entrevista con sus reconocidas y talentosas conductoras, Marabina Jaimes y Bel Hernandez.

Actualmente, Bel Hernandez y Marabina Jaimes son presentadoras del show de televisión, The Trend Talk Show. La cuarta temporada de este show se estrena el 4 de octubre por la cadena MeTV. El show es estilo "talkshow" y cuenta con invitados del mundo del espectáculo como actores, directores y productores. Además, también tienen como invitados especiales a empresarios, doctores y líderes de varias industrias, tocando todo tipo de temas que afectan a la comunidad Latina en los Estados Unidos. 

Marabina Jaimes

Marabina Jaimes is an American born Mexi Rican actress, singer, writer/ producer, and Emmy® Award-winning host. She is the co host and producer of TheTRENDTalk Show which airs on the MeTV Network and can be seen on various online platforms.

One of today’s most versatile bilingual voices, she has worked on several national commercial campaigns, TV network promos, animaJon, ADR, dubbing, and narration. Jaimes, best known as “Mara” from PBS’s Story1me!, has voiced cartoons (Klasky Csupo’s Santo Bugito as “Carmen”), video games (Lilandra in Marvel UlJmate Alliance) and several animated features including Coco, and Spies In Disguise.

On-camera guest star credits include East Los High, Criminal Minds, ShowJme’s SMILF, and the upcoming anthology film COVID 19: Sins & Virtues. Jaimes narrates and is highlighted in the criJcally acclaimed documentary, Now En Español (PBS/Voces) about voicing “Mary Alice” on Desperate Housewives en Español, the world of dubbing, and the trials and tribulaJons of LaJnx actresses in Hollywood.

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President/CEO, La1n Heat Media, LLC Bel Hernandez Castillo has over twenty-five years in the entertainment industry, first as an actress then transitioning into entertainment media as the founder of the first entertainment trade publica1on focused on Latinos in Hollywood, Latin  Heat Entertainment (

 Under the umbrella of Latin Heat Media are, TheTRENDTalk Show produced by Latin Heat Productions; and the streaming plaJorm Hernandez Castillo’s work in Hollywood is well documented.

Credited with expanding the coverage of Latinos  in Hollywood, Hernandez Castillo  received many recognotions through the years and has forged many alliances, one of them being with the publisher of The Hollywood Reporter to promote the “crossover” coverage of Latinos  in the established trade.

 For six years she produced the Latinos Heat Entertainment Conference, working with the highest level of industry par1cipa1on from Hollywood’s studios and networks. Her work led to her being named

“The Godmother of Latino Hollywood” by MovieMaker Magazine. She was invited to serve on the prestigious Peabody Awards Board where she served for six years, the last year as the first ever Latina/o Chair of the Board. She is the executive producer and co-creator of three TV talk shows with all Latina hosts including Let’s Talk, HOLA LA! on CBS2 and the TheTRENDTalk, currently entering it’s 4th season on the MeTV Network.

 Bel Hernandez Castillo has gained a reputation for being an expert in the field of Latinos in Hollywood. She has consulted for The Hollywood Reporter on their MIP special issue, Hispanicize, NCLR ALMA Awards, Mun2, The Irish Filmmaker Company, Miller Beer, Oscar Night America, Portland State University, Los Angeles La1no Interna1onal Film Fes1val, Cal State L.A. and many others. 

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