STAY - Paranormal Activity meets America's Next Top Model

Ghost Machine Pictures to release STAY, the relentless supernatural debut from director Brandon Walker.
A cautionary tale of ambition gone wrong,STAY blends the allure of America’s Next Top Model with the terror of Paranormal Activity.In the city that never sleeps, Olivia is taking the modeling world by storm. A cover girl in the making, Olivia is booking big clients and bringing her YouTube audience along for the ride.With newly earned cash, she moves into a fashionable loft apartment. Its glossy facade, however, conceals a sinister secret born years before. Suddenly overwrought, her tenuous grip on reality begins to slip away. Beautiful, yet increasingly unstable, Olivia makes a shocking choice that leads to a battle for her soul.STAY stars Ashley Park (Rosewood),Jesse LeNoir (Project Runway),and Dre Davis (Pretty Little Liars). The film is the first offering from the newly formed Ghost Machine Pictures in Los Angeles. Available March 26, 2021 on Amazon Prime.

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