Healthy Drink Options, Plus, Reduce Waste in the Process -

With Earth Day around the corner, I wanted to be sure you knew about Drinkmate - the first and most versatile beverage carbonator on the market.  Not only is crafting carbonated drinks at home a more healthy option to store offerings, using the Drinkmate cuts down considerably on the number of plastic bottles that end up in landfills. Simply insert the CO2 cartridge into the back of the machine, add any liquid to carbonation bottle, screw on the fizz infuser and press the button - it's that simple. Ditch expensive sodas and sparkling water - Drinkmate makes all of this possible from the comfort of home. From juices and sports drinks to tea, water, even flat beer/wine, Drinkmate can carbonate ANY liquid.

The Drinkmate Beverage Carbonator comes in four great colors and retails on Amazon for $119.99.  Other carbonator/bottle package variations are available as well.  Please visit for more information.Drinkmate™ Countertop

  • Drinkmate Countertop™ is the ONLY at-home beverage carbonator that allows the user to carbonate ANYTHING in the fridge
  • Patented and detachable Fizz infuser and dual-stage valve system allows better control on release of CO2
  • Easy-to-operate, easy-to-clean – no electricity or batteries required
  • Quick-connect bottle is BPA-free with volume mark line
  • Smaller footprint saves counter space
  • Comes with 3 oz starter CO2 carbonator so you can start carbonating right away
  • Works with the most common brand of 14.5 oz (or 60L) CO2 carbonators out there.  
  • Available in four modern colors, arctic blue, matte black, royal red and ivory white
  • MSRP $119.99
  • Available at or

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